Summer vacations are everyone’s favorite time of year – you get to enjoy the sun and relax with your closest friends and family. And if you end up going to a beautiful destination such as Greece, you’ll definitely want to remember your holiday. So, here are a few unique souvenirs Mykonos has to offer, so you can reminisce over the best holiday of your life each time you look at it.

When Figuring Out Your Travel Plans, Make Room in Your Budget for a Souvenir or Two

Setting a souvenir budget when figuring out your travel plans is one of the best decisions you could make, especially if you’re traveling on a tight budget. Just like you’ve set aside the money for one of the Mykonos villas for rental, the airfare, and your everyday expenses, set aside a small amount for gifts and souvenirs from Greece.

This budget will stop you from the well-known tourist temptation to buy every cute little trinket you see during your vacation. There is no reason you should spend a ton of money on material items that are supposed to remind you of your trip. It would be better to spend that money on a fun activity or something that will help you create new wonderful memories. So, your gift budget shouldn’t exceed the 100 euros mark.

Money in a wallet

Don’t spend too much money on trinkets from your vacation

Instead of Just Buying a T-shirt, Here Are Some More Unique Souvenirs Mykonos Should Be Remembered By

Greece is not only one of the most popular summer destinations in the world, but it’s also a very beautiful and interesting country, and it should be treated as such. It would be such a waste to take some generic souvenirs such as T-shirts home with you when there are so many more unique things to buy. Here are some ideas you should check out.

You Can’t Go Wrong With a Magnet or Some Postcards

If you’re in need of some affordable gift ideas, you can always go with the classics – magnets or postcards from Greece. You will be able to find hundreds of different magnets that represent the landscape of this beautiful island.

Magnets that have windmills are extremely popular, it’s what Mykonos is known for, after all. You can also choose from many beautiful postcards with pictures of the island, and if you do get them, make sure to write a note: it’s a great heartfelt present.

Greece Is Famous for Its Bold Flavors, and They Make for an Amazing Gift

Once you visit Mykonos, there is no way you won’t fall in love with traditional Greek cuisine. The island is filled with some of the best restaurants in the world, where you can taste authentic Greek food. So, why not bring some of the Greek taste home with you? Here are a few ideas for amazing gifts:

  • Small bottles of olive oil – The country is famous for its olives, and Greek olive oil is the most delicious you will ever try. Every local shop on the island will offer small, travel-sized bottles of olive oil that would make a perfect gift for your loved ones.
  • Bring some ouzo or Metaxa home with you – Ouzo and Metaxa are two famous Greek alcoholic drinks, they’re very strong, and small bottles of them are popular as a souvenir.
  • Herbs – Herbs grown in Greece are a sure way to impress anyone, especially if you give them some fresh oregano.

Don’t Leave the Island Without Buying Some Mati Themed Souvenirs

This beautiful Greek island is filled with the motive of the evil eye, Mati. It’s believed that Mati protects from evil and envy, and you will find it everywhere you look. It’s a dominant motive in all artwork, jewelry, and other handmade items.

Souvenirs with the Mati motive

The evil eye is a very popular motive

Souvenirs That Are Both Practical and Beautiful Are Always a Good Idea

Beautiful beach bags are among the best souvenirs, but people often underestimate them. However, beach bags are the most practical souvenir to buy, as you will get your money’s worth by wearing them all the time throughout your trip. You can also use them in any future destinations, and you will always be reminded of what an amazing time you had in Greece.

Small Perfume Bottles Can Be a Great Souvenir or a Gift

The beautiful sunny country of Greece isn’t exactly famous for its perfumes, which is why a lot of tourists simply skip all the perfume stands. But nothing jogs the memory quite like a familiar smell, so why not pick up a few of those cute perfume bottles? You can display them as a decoration once you return home.

Buy Some Beautiful Greek Leather Sandals

A very useful thing you shouldn’t skip out on are beautiful Greek leather sandals. Almost every shop on the island will have them, as they are a staple in the country. Most of the sandals are handmade and very high quality.

Pairs of sandals

Choose a pair of beautiful leather sandals

Don’t Waste Too Much Time Searching for the Perfect Souvenir, Enjoy Your Stay in a Luxury Mykonos Villa

No matter how big of a perfectionist you are, don’t stress out over finding perfect gifts for everyone. While souvenirs are a very nice sign of affection, they’re neither mandatory nor a reason to waste valuable time on your vacation. Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time to explore gorgeous Mykonos shops and buy everything you need during your stay. You will probably find a great little souvenir place on your way from a Mykonos villa rental to one of the best beaches in the world.

Focus on having the time of your life during your summer holiday, and everything else will simply fall into place. For starters, contact The Ace VIP and book yourself one of the Mykonos luxury villas. Each one of them is prettier than the next, and they all offer all the amenities needed for a perfect lavish vacation, including a Mykonos concierge, so you definitely won’t be lacking good service. You can also rent a car if you’d like to explore all the hidden places on the island or get a Mykonos yacht rental and cruise the Aegean Sea for a few days.