Spending just a few days on The Island of the Winds can be an exceptional experience. However, for this magnificent adventure, tourists need to come prepared. To help you with this, we’ve created a weekend packing list, which includes all items that need to be packed for this kind of trip. So, let your hair down and have the time of your life when you travel to the island and vacation in a Mykonos villa rental.

The First Items on Our Weekend Packing List Are the Absolute Essentials

Well, before you pack for your vacation, one of the best tips is to first determine what kind of a getaway you are actually preparing for. For instance, is this going to be a spring break with your closest friends? Do you want to spend a romantic time on the island with your partner, or will you travel with kids?

Only then can you start organizing your packing since it will be clear what the packing list for the weekend needs to include. However, there are certain things you cannot travel to the island without. Here is a list of things that are absolute essentials.

Start By Packing Appropriate Clothing

When traveling to one of the most Instagrammable places in the world, you will have to look the part. Imagine not having a flowery dress and fashionable shoes for a picture in Matoggiani Street or the perfect party clothes for a night out in one of the Mykonian clubs or a day in popular bars. Therefore, you should pack the following clothing:

  • A couple of trendy T-shirts,
  • A few pairs of pants,
  • An outfit for a night out,
  • One pair of comfortable shoes,
  • One pair of dressier shoes,
  • Flip flops,
  • One jacket or a hoodie in case the weather changes,
  • Undergarments.

In case your itinerary includes a cruise trip or a special event like a birthday party or a wedding, plan in advance the outfit you want to wear and be pictured in.

A woman posing in front of a Mykonian windmill

Arrive at one of the Mykonos villas for rent with appropriate clothes for a memorable holiday

Don’t Forget to Pack Personal Items and Toiletries When You Travel for a Weekend Trip

Apart from clothes, the most essential items are toiletries and medication, which are a part of your daily routine. Have a separate small compartment in your suitcase for all your toiletries. Some of the most common toiletries tourists use are:

  • Hand cream,
  • Sunscreen,
  • Perfume,
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush,
  • Skincare products,
  • Makeup,
  • Contact lens solution,
  • Prescription medications,
  • OTC medication like Pepto Bismol tablets and Tylenol.

Of Course, Make Room for Your Beach Essentials on the List

Apart from stylish Greek villas in Mykonos, tourists enjoy numerous pristine Mykonian beaches. A getaway to the beach heaven cannot be perfect without having beach essentials by your side. Here is a weekend list of items you will need to spend an unforgettable day on the beach:

  • Swimsuit,
  • Sun hat,
  • Sunglasses,
  • A pair of shoes or sandals,
  • Beach towel or mat,
  • Reusable water bottle,
  • Beach bag.

Some tourists can get a rash from sun exposure if they have not gone sunbathing in a long time. We recommend that when packing for weekend trips, you don’t forget a rash guard, which would protect you throughout the entire day, leaving you to enjoy water activities without any worries.

Woman on a beach in Mykonos

If you need to travel with kids, it’s best to carry some games and toys in your beach bag

Next Step, Pack All the Electronics to Capture the Greatest Moments of the Trip

Imagine sitting on a beach or dining in one of the luxury villa rentals in Mykonos, and suddenly you see a breathtaking Mykonian sunset. Capturing it with a smartphone is good enough, but having a high-tech camera is even better.

At the most beautiful place in the world, you always have to be prepared for snapping pics and sharing them with your Instagram followers. Therefore it’s essential to pack one camera, a charger, your cell phone, headphones, and a tablet for your travel.

If you’re planning on going diving, a GoPro would be an ideal addition to this vacation weekend packing list. If you don’t have one, check out what are the best cameras for recording underwater treasures and get one in time.

Laptop and a camera next to a suitcase

Show off the opulence of the luxury villas in Mykonos by sharing everything on social media

Here Are Our Tips on What to Pack in Your Personal Carry-on Bag

As you’re wrapping up the packing process, you’ll need to think about all the necessary items you’ll need to have in the personal bag you’ll carry with you during the day of the trip. First of all, among the most important tips you should use is to organize travel documents and keep them in the carry-on bag in a safe compartment. It’s essential to have your flight tickets, cash, credit cards, wallet, villa booking receipts, driver’s license, passport, and ID.

Additionally, the carry-on bag should include items like a reusable water bottle, a change of clothes (a pair of pants, a shirt, and a pair of socks), prescription medication, hand sanitizer, paper towels, a phone, a charger, glasses, and snacks. If children travel with you, have a toy or a tablet so they can be occupied during the trip.

Brown leather duffel bag

Until you reach one of the Mykonos luxury villas, rely on your carry-on bag for all essentials

Trust the Ace VIP With Your Getaway and Travel to Mykonos Worry-Free

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