When you’re planning on sailing through the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea, figuring out what to wear on a cruise vacation can be difficult, especially if you’ve never had this kind of experience before. There will be plenty of Cycladic island hopping you’ll have to be prepared for, as well as lots of onboard activities and different weather conditions. So, here are all of the essential things you need to pack before getting on board.

Tips to Help You Decide on What You Need to Pack for Days Spent Island Hopping

Cruising around the Cycladic islands can be a unique experience because you’ll encounter all kinds of destinations, activities, and weather conditions. So, it’s important to take all of these aspects into consideration while you’re packing for the trip. The same goes if you opt for hopping on a Mykonos yacht rental, only you probably won’t need as much stuff.

Things to Consider Before Picking What to Wear on a Sailing Trip

Since you’ll be taking part in different activities, packing for a sailing trip usually entails more clothes than you would normally bring on a regular vacation. Keep in mind you should pack carry-on luggage with the essentials you need immediately, like a change of clothes or a beach bag, because you’ll probably have to wait for the rest of your luggage to arrive later in the day.

Here are the main things you need to consider while packing and preparing to leave your Mykonos villa rental for a few days:

  • How many days are you spending on the sailing trip – once you know the exact time you’ll spend island hopping, you’ll be able to pack accordingly.
  • What kind of weather conditions can you expect – while you most probably can expect warm, sunny conditions, there is always the possibility of rainy weather, so make sure to check the forecast.
  • What kind of activities will you be taking part in – research the available excursions and prepare clothes according to the things you want to do.
  • If there are any luggage limitations – there might be a limit to how much you can bring with you, so verify exactly how much you’re allowed and leave the rest in your Mykonos villa.
  • If there are any dress codes – depending on the night, there might be recommendations on what you should show up in, and in that case, you should bring a smart casual or a completely formal outfit.
A laptop, camera, and a suitcase filled with clothes

What type of clothes and shoes you’ll bring with you depends on numerous factors

What to Wear on a Cruise During the Day? The Bottom Line Is – A Comfortable Attire You Can Do Different Things In

A part of all cruises will be spent on the boat, and a part of it will be spent exploring the main attractions of different port stops you have on the way. So, it’s essential to bring comfortable clothing pieces for both, no matter if you’ll be relaxing on board, exploring your next stop, or sipping a cocktail at a beach club.

The Best Outfit for Spending the Day on Board Is a Comfortable, Easily-Interchangeable Attire

During your sailing trip, there will probably be sea days, which means you will be spending the whole day cruising through the Aegean Sea. So, it’s best to take this time to relax and prepare for your next stop, and is there anything more comfortable than your usual attire?

No matter what exactly you plan on doing, there’s no reason to go formal – even when you’re eating at the boat restaurant, something as simple as a shirt and jeans is all you really need. For women, a maxi dress or a sarong will be great for hanging out by the pool deck, and for men, simple shirts and shorts will do just fine.

These outfits are also easily-interchangeable, so you can effortlessly change into swimwear by simply stripping down the excess layers of clothing. Also, it’s a good idea to bring a light sweater because it will be needed if the night gets a bit cold or if you spend a lot of time under air-conditioning.

Get Ready for a Little More Activity When There’s a Port Stop – You Will Spend Your Time Walking and Exploring

When you want to see as much as possible, you’ll probably be walking a lot, especially if you have only one day to explore. So, you can bring the clothes you’ve already packed for time on board, such as casual shorts and shirts, or you can opt for a more sporty attire you will bring anyway if you plan to keep up your workout routine. Leave the jeans and go for the more lightweight items like shorts, and don’t forget your favorite pair of comfortable walking shoes.

Woman in a blue summer dress overlooking the Mykonos town

Most of the clothes you usually like to dress in will do just fine during the day

What to Wear on a Dinner Cruise? Check if There’s a Dress-Code and Prepare Your Credit Card if You Don’t Have Anything Formal

Figuring out what to wear on a boat cruise party or any other special occasion is important because some of them have requirements regarding what you need to show up in. During the nights spent on board, sometimes you’ll have to prepare something more on the formal side than you would usually bring. So, if you don’t have anything fancy but you end up needing it, maybe it’s time for a little shopping spree in Mykonos.

What to Wear to Dinner on a Cruise? It’s Time to Get a Little Bit More Formal

There are different kinds of cruises, so depending on it, there are two ways to go about it. You have the smart casual, which consists of more typical outfits like skirts and dresses for women, and pantsuits combined with blazers for men. Then, there are the completely formal events where you need to dress your best – in other words, it’s a suit and tie or an evening dress kind of night. Pair that up with high heels or fancy shoes, and you’re ready.

Couple on a boat

If the cruise trip you’re going on is fancy, you should dress accordingly

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