Before you come to this magnificent destination, you will probably want to find out a bit more about what Mykonos is like. Sure, we all know about the parties and beaches, but what about some practical stuff to help you get around? For instance, is Mykonos walkable? This is definitely an important thing to know, as it can significantly affect your vacation, so let’s find out.

Is Mykonos Walkable – What Are Your Options for Walking in Mykonos?

When you finally get off the plane and begin your magnificent Mykonos trip, the question that will be on your mind is where to go in Mykonos first. There are so many fantastic spots (and you can be sure they are all pretty Instagrammable places) that you’ll have a hard time deciding where to head to.

Hopefully, your vacation will last long enough so you can see it all. Still, you have to figure out how to get from one beach to another, from one of Mykonos luxury villas to a trendy club, is a car rental required, or can you simply get around the island just by walking?

Although Mykonos, Greece, Is a Small Island and Walking Is Definitely an Option, It’s Always Best to Have a Car Rental

Mykonos is a pretty small place – it would take you just 40 minutes or so to drive from one end to another, and that’s if you take the longest route. It’s safe to say that most of the beaches on the south coast are so close that you can walk from one to another, but this won’t work with the entire island.

It would take you a lot of time to walk from Mykonos town to, let’s say, Kalafatis Beach. That’s why you need to get a car rental – even though you can walk to many places, some would take a lot of time to reach on foot.

Boats in the old port in Mykonos town

Mykonos, Greece, is a small place – you can walk for most of your trip, but you’ll still need a car rental

There’s a Great Route That Connects a Few of the Best Beaches on the Island

If you’re eager to begin the vacation with a fantastic beach day, this walk is the perfect thing to do. Thanks to the size of the island, a lot of Mykonos attractions are close to each other, and that includes the best beaches on the south coast.

They are so close that you can easily visit a few of them on the same day – and have enough time to swim, have a drink, and sunbathe at every spot. So, here’s the perfect route on the south coast – you will start from Psarou, one of the most popular beaches in Mykonos. If you face the sea, on the left is Platis Gialos – just a short walk away.

If you continue in the same direction, the next one is Paraga Beach, and after that, you will arrive at Paradise Beach. We would advise you not to go down the regular roads – there are hiking paths that connect these beaches, and they make up for a lot shorter way than going by the routes for cars.

View of Scorpios on Paraga Beach in Mykonos

Paraga is one of the stops on this tour – it’s one of the best party beaches in Mykonos

Take the Magnificent Tour of Mykonos Town, Chora, and Explore Old Port, Little Venice, and the Windmills

Mykonos town, otherwise known as Chora (which means “town” in Greek), is a little piece of heaven. Here you can see some beautiful examples of Cycladic architecture and the remains of the island’s history. We suggest you start your tour in Chora from the old port, which is located mere minutes from the center of town.

It used to be the only port here until the early 2000s when the new ferry port was built – now it’s a picturesque site with luxury yachts and tiny boats. A short walk from there, you will find a unique spot – Little Venice, one of the hallmarks of Mykonos, Greece.

The place is full of lovely restaurants that would make for a magical dining spot – just imagine the sunsets. Less than 5 minutes from Little Venice, there are famous windmills. This is still considered the center of Chora – if you want to get out of town, we suggest walking to the beautiful Megali Ammos – the golden sand and clear sea are only 500 m from the center.

You Can Experience the Town With an Organized Tour, But You Can Also Wander Around Chora on Your Own for the Entire Day

There are many organized tours with a guide that will take you around Chora. Although we can’t say that it wouldn’t be of use, we’ll argue that you don’t need a guide to fully experience this historic place. You can simply wander through the narrow streets and get to know the area on your own – it would be just as fun as with the guide.

View of Little Venice in Mykonos town

Should you use a guide to get around Chora, or can you do it on your own? The decision is up to you

Embark on a Short Trip to the Armenistis Lighthouse

Armenistis Lighthouse is a beautiful landmark that’s been a part of Mykonos for so long. Today, it doesn’t serve its original purpose but is instead a popular tourist attraction. Our advice? Come here at sunset if you want the stunning view and magical photos. Armenistis is located around 6 km north of Chora, so it’s a nice walk – not too long, but still exciting. You won’t regret setting aside time to visit this place.

Armenistis Lighthouse on Mykonos at sunset

Armenistis Lighthouse is about 4 miles north of Chora – it’s a lovely route

Set Aside a Few Hours of Your Day for a Loop Tour That Starts From Agios Sostis Beach

You should know that Mykonos isn’t particularly great for hiking compared to other Cycladic islands – there just simply aren’t many hiking trails you can enjoy. Still, if there is one route hiking lovers should see, it would be this loop trail that starts from Agios Sostis. The walk lasts for 2 and a half hours, and it’s considered an easy trail, so it’s great for everybody who wants to clear their heads from the noisy bars and crowds that are so common in Mykonos.

At the end of the hike, you’ll be back to Agios Sostis, where you can find the most amazing traditional Greek restaurant – Kiki’s Tavern. Do not miss the chance to try their food – that is, if you can find an available table!

View of Agios Sostis in Mykonos from air

A loop tour that starts and ends in Agios Sostis is a nice and easy hiking trail

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Can You Get Around Mykonos Without a Car?

Yes, it is possible to get around Mykonos without a car. The island has an efficient public transportation system with buses that connect various parts of the island. Additionally, taxis, rental scooters, and ATVs are available for hire, and many popular areas are within walking distance.

How Do You Get Around in Mykonos at Night?

To get around Mykonos at night, you can rely on taxis or prearranged transfers. Taxis are available, but they can be limited, especially during peak hours. It’s advisable to either pre-book a taxi or use private transfer services to get to your luxury Mykonos villa rental.

Is There Uber or Lyft in Mykonos?

No, Uber or Lyft services are not available in Mykonos. The primary mode of transportation in the area is traditional taxis, along with local car rental services, scooters, and ATVs.

Can You Walk to Beaches in Mykonos?

Yes, you can walk to some beaches in Mykonos, depending on your location. Certain beaches, such as those in Mykonos Town, are within walking distance. However, some of the more remote or secluded beaches may require transportation, such as a bus, taxi, or rental vehicle.

Is It Hard to Get a Taxi in Mykonos?

During peak season or busy hours, it can be challenging to find a taxi in Mykonos, especially if you haven’t pre-booked one. It is recommended to plan ahead, pre-arrange taxis, or be prepared for potential wait times during high-demand periods.

Do Taxis in Mykonos Take Credit Cards?

Some taxis in Mykonos accept credit cards, but it’s not guaranteed. Greece is not a cashless society, so it’s best to have some cash on hand, especially for smaller fares or in case the taxi does not have card payment facilities. Confirming with the driver beforehand or carrying enough cash is advisable to avoid any inconvenience.