Want to dive in Mykonos and explore the spectacular underwater world? Mykonos is a stunning island, but when you check out all the typical touristy activities, you might want to add something more unique to your to-do list. With so many great dive sites, it is a shame to skip this activity, so if you’re seeking an adventure this summer, there is no better place to be.

Scuba Diving in Mykonos, Greece, Can Be More Exciting Than You Ever Imagined

If you’re visiting one of the most incredible locations in Greece and hoping to experience a little adventure, you must be curious about Mykonos dive sites. Truth be told, there are actually plenty of them, even though many people aren’t aware of this. When you think about this party island, nightclubs and fancy international restaurants are the first things that come to your mind, but you can actually have a damn good party underwater as well.

If you’re an adventure seeker, you can visit some of the most popular beaches and find an amazing diving center with trained professionals. They can give you PADI diving courses and provide you with the highest quality equipment.

You Will Find Many Incredible Attractions Near This Island

Scuba diving can be very entertaining – you can visit beautiful reefs, admire spectacular sea life and interesting aquatic species, or even check out some shipwrecks. No matter if you’re an experienced diver or hoping to add this skill to your list of achievements, diving here is accessible for everyone. Natural reefs and vivid marine life are some of the most underrated Mykonos attractions.

Professional diver

You can take professional courses if you want to upgrade your skills

#1 Discover Extraordinary Lia Reef Near This Popular Beach and Take a PADI Diver Course if Needed

Lia Beach is not very crowded due to its distance from the old town. This is one of the reasons this location is so popular among divers. With a clear sea and dreamy surroundings, you’ll be amazed by the view over and under the water.

This reef was discovered recently and has extraordinary marine life. Here you can spot a large number of nudibranchs and a whole forest of black and yellow sponges at about 20 meters depth. Because of the clear water, perfect visibility is available for up to 40 meters. This spot doesn’t require some advanced skills, so even if you’re a beginner, you can have an amazing experience.

GoDive, One of the Best Dive Centers in Mykonos, Is Located Right Here

GoDive is a reliable diving center, and it is located in the southwest part of the island, right on Lia Beach. At the GoDive center, you can meet professional instructors, rent necessary equipment or check out some of the organized tours. You can book PADI training courses – group or individual.

With the highest quality equipment and reliable team, there is no need to worry. If you can’t find suitable transportation to Lia Beach, GoDive offers car transport for their clients for 10 euros per person for a round trip from the town center. If you find this complicated, renting a vehicle is always a suitable choice, especially if you’re staying at one of the private villas in Mykonos and you’re not close to the city.

Keep in mind there are no buses that can take you to Lia Beach, plus you might be late for your tour if you don’t find reliable transportation. Check out this interesting video if you’re curious to see what a typical tour looks like.

#2 The Anna II Shipwreck Is a Top Attraction for Any Experienced Diver

If you’re a diver enthusiast, we have some great news. Just near the island, back in 1995, a large cargo ship Anna II sank, which is not so great, but this unfortunate event is the reason why you now have the chance to explore the magnificent remains of this 62-meter-long underwater beauty.

The wreck is located near the island’s southeast coast and is kept in very good condition. Divers can even enter some smaller areas of the ship. Surrounding colonies of sponges are another thing to discover, so feel free to explore the waters around the wreck as well.

Divers exploring a shipwreck

You will enjoy exploring waters around Anna II

#3 Tragonisi Cave System Is a True Underwater Paradise With Its Network of Tunnels

There is something unique and magical about underwater caves. Perhaps the hope that you might find a long lost pirate’s treasure or the tranquility of the absolute silence you can find only there along with the captivating view. No matter the case, we know just the place – Tragonisi island.

Tragonisi is actually a tiny rock island nearby, and it’s one of the most popular spots for scuba divers. The incredible underwater cave system is protected as a nature reserve, making it a real-life paradise for Monachus-Monachus seals and those that are hoping to see them in the wild.

You can discover the whole underwater tunnel network and see yellow sea anemones. What makes them so special is that they live exclusively here in this part of the Aegean Sea. Important note: this place is recommended for more experienced divers, so make sure to take some courses before coming here if you’re not already a pro.

Scuba divers

Divers always have fun discovering the Tragonisi cave system

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