When traveling as a vegan, experiencing different cultures’ cuisines can often be pretty challenging. However, Greek cuisine is known for offering plenty of vegan options and cruelty-free dishes, which are extremely tasty. If you’re planning on visiting, keep in mind that there are some fabulous vegan restaurants on Mykonos that you must try out while on your vacation. Today we’re sharing some of our favorite spots for cruelty-free travelers.

#1 For Travelers on a Vegan Diet – Restaurant Mother Earth Offers the Tastiest Food

If you’re planning a vacation on Mykonos and are eager to find some cool places that offer great vegan food, Mother Earth restaurant should definitely be on your itinerary list. They are located in the heart of the island, Chora, on Mitropoleos street, where all the best restaurants can be found. Their cute interior and delicious meals will sweep you off your feet.

The philosophy of this place is to inspire and support a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Here you can try many traditional dishes from which some have a modern twist. The chefs carefully select ingredients that are used for preparing tasty meals and use the healthiest cooking techniques. Mother Earth is all about nutritious and healthy fresh food, and there’s not a single chance you won’t enjoy your time there.

Their Exceptional Menu Offers Some Authentic Vegan Dishes

This authentic spot offers various dishes made from organic Greek products, and the menu is quite diverse. This place is very popular in the Mykonos culinary scene, and many people come here to try their interesting and authentic meals. Some of their most popular dishes on the menu include:

  • Truffle vegetarian pizza – made out of gluten-free dough.
  • Mother Earth burgers – with patty made out of red beans, quinoa, mushrooms, avocado sauce, and plant-based cheddar.
  • Cruelty-free gyros – an interesting twist on one of the most popular Mykonian dishes.
  • Shanti – risotto with saffron and artichokes.
  • Moussaka Bliss – a vegetarian interpretation of a traditional Greek dish.

Our tip is to try the interesting reinterpretations of authentic Greek meals since they are unique and can only be found in this specific spot. It is a great opportunity to experience traditional tastes without compromising your specific diet and lifestyle choices.


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#2 Koukoumi Is One of the Best Vegan Restaurants on Mykonos That Stands for True Cruelty-Free Authenticity

Unlike other places that serve only a small number of vegan dishes as an addition to their regular offer, Koukoumi stands for complete authenticity regarding their meals. In this restaurant, you won’t be able to find anything else except cruelty-free dishes. Being the first vegan hotel in the Cyclades, it has become a big attraction.

This place is perfect for people willing to support a holistic way of life based on respect towards animals, people, and planet Earth. They are very much devoted to sustainability and green products. Besides that, this fabulous place is known for being one of the best international restaurants offering incredible meals and outstanding service.

What Can Be Found on Koukoumi’s Menu?

Whether you’re staying in their hotel or just visiting restaurants, in Koukoumi, you will have the chance to experience a completely natural, tasteful, and cruelty-free diet. This place provides everything from various fruits and vegetables to grains, seeds, and nuts.

Their professional chef constantly upgrades the menu with incredible flavors and smells from numerous cuisines. This place is worth checking out, even if you’re not on a special diet. Dishes you must try out when in Koukoumi are:

  • Open souvlaki – a homemade pie with mushroom gyros, tomato, onion, tzatziki, and potato chips.
  • Cannabis Dough Crispy Pizza – with tomato cause, mozzarella, and your own choice of additional toppings and ingredients.
  • Purple Earth – perfect dinner dish made out of beetroot fava, caper oil, salty popcorn, and garlic sprouts.
  • Savory Pancakes – an interesting meal made with banana bacon, mozzarella, baby spinach, and smoked corn with hollandaise sauce on top.

#3 Healthylicious Is Well Known Spot on the Islands With the Healthiest Menu

This cute little spot is definitely the healthiest corner on this well-known party island. At Healthylicious, you can try out some of the most excellent dishes inspired by Mediterranean cuisine and sports nutrition. For people visiting with family or solo and wanting to try healthy foods, this is the best place you could go to.

Their menu is known for its fine selection of low Glycemic index choices, high protein meals, and no-sugar desserts. The food is prepared not only by a talented chef but also a medical adviser, and their collaboration has resulted in a unique series of the healthiest meals you could find on the island. Visiting this beautiful and exciting place should definitely be on your list of things to do while on your summer vacation.

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