The only goal you should have during your summer vacation is to relax and have an amazing time with your friends and family. It’s a time when you shouldn’t have to worry about anything, let alone cleaning up after yourself. That’s why we’re keen on using daily maid service, and our private villas in Mykonos offer all the comfort and service you could ever need for a perfect summer getaway.

Does Cleaning on Holidays Bother You? Here’s Why Using Daily Maid Service Is so Handy and Mandatory for a Perfect Vacation

Summer vacations are a time to completely escape reality and all your everyday obligations. It’s a time to rest and recharge your batteries, so you should avoid anything that doesn’t fit into that description, like mops and cleaning supplies. You didn’t travel all the way to one of the most gorgeous Greek islands to clean.

That’s where daily maid services come into play – you can have all the fun without any responsibility. When you stay in the Greek villas Mykonos has to offer, you can make all the mess your soul desires and it will get cleaned up and tidy again. And most importantly, the main benefit of daily maid service is that it’s undetectable. Our maids are like spies or fairies – you can never be quite sure they are real, but somehow the job gets done.

Daily cleaning will never disturb your stay, so don’t worry about listening to the sound of the vacuum – our maids are discreet, and you will hardly notice anyone cleaning. You will just see shiny floors and folded towels. And it goes without saying that you can always request a day off if you’re not planning on leaving the villa and you don’t want to be disturbed, as well as call us at any time if you require immediate cleaning services.

You Never Have to Think About Clean Bath or Beach Towels – You Will Get Fresh Ones Every Day

One of the main problems people face when staying in a hotel or an apartment is that they need to take care of their towels as if their lives depended on it. Most places only switch out bath towels every two days, which is too long for our standards. You also have to remember to dry your own beach towels and don’t even think about losing them. However, when you stay in one of our Mykonos villas for rental, all your towel problems go away. Our maids change out your towels daily, but if you ever need more clean, fresh towels for the pool or the bath, just give us a call, and they will be delivered.

Our Maid Service Changes Your Bed Sheets Daily

We share the same policy when it comes to bed sheets as we do about towels – they are washed, pressed, and changed daily, but if you ever need to change them more often, don’t be afraid to ask.

Don’t Worry About Bringing in the Sand from the Beach or Washing Dishes – We Take Care of all the Cleaning

The best thing about having someone to do all the cleaning is that you don’t have to sweat about the small stuff. Did you drag in some sand from the beach? Doesn’t matter, leave it, and it will be gone by the morning. Are you too tired to do the dishes? Don’t worry about it, it’s not your job, they will be washed and put away before you know it. The same goes for throwing trash, replacing toilet paper, vacuuming, polishing the floors, wiping the dust, and all the other household chores.

You Can Throw as Many Fabulous Villa Parties as You Want Because We Will Clean Up Afterwards

Everybody knows that there is only one, but pretty big, downside to hosting legendary parties and private eventsthe not-so-popular task of cleaning up afterward. Naturally, this party island has thought of everything, and you can throw as many fabulous villa parties as you’d like because you won’t be the one who will have to clean up. No matter how big of a mess you make, our team is here to help and will have it cleaned in under an hour.

A person vacuuming confetti
Don’t worry about cleaning up after extravagant parties – our team has it covered 

Our Maid Service Also Helps Clean Up After a Long Day on a Yacht Rental Mykonos 

If you decide to go on a cruise along the Aegean Sea in a luxury Mykonos yacht rental, the same rules apply for our yachts as they do for our villas – your only job is to have a great time, and our professional team of cleaners will get to work and make the yacht sparkling clean again.

People having a drink on a boat
You can fully enjoy your yacht tour knowing we’ll clean everything up

You Deserve Only the Best – Contact Us and Plan the Summer Vacation of Your Dreams

If you want to experience what true luxury, comfort, and exceptional service feel like, you need to come to the Island of the Winds. It’s the ultimate summer destination, where everything has a 5-star rating, from gorgeous beaches and beautiful scenery to world-class clubs, shops, and the best restaurants. It’s truly the place you go to when you want to spoil yourself, so contact us at The Ace VIP if you want to organize the summer holiday of your dreams. Choose any of Mykonos luxury villas we offer for your magical stay.

Our private villas in Mykonos have everything you could ever wish for, from big infinity pools and countless jacuzzis to home gyms and spas. Besides our maid service, you can also rely on our award-winning concierge VIP services in Mykonos. Your personal Mykonos concierge will make sure to provide you with the most comfortable stay possible and make your every wish come true. Whether you need more towels or you’d like to rent a car – we will take care of it momentarily. All that you need to worry about is having the time of your life.