Are you wondering whether you need a vaccination certificate or a negative PCR test result to go to Mykonos? There are still many dilemmas among tourists who want to travel to the island during their summer holidays. Fortunately, the current protocol for arrivals in Greece is not as strict as it was during the summer of 2021. Here you will find all the information and details to enter the country and have a pleasant stay in one of the luxury villas in Mykonos.

Current Protocol for Arrivals in Greece – Here Are the Basics

The protocol for arrivals in Greece is back to normal. Visitors to the country are not required to show negative PCR test results or to provide proof of vaccination. Tourists are not obliged to wear face masks on the plane or while riding the buses.

The protocol was officially changed on the 1st of May, 2022, and since then, there have been basically no restrictions. There is no need to show any proof that you recovered from Covid-19.

However, it is recommended to stay safe during your flight to Mykonos. It’s advisable to carry a hand sanitizer in your bag and wear a face mask so that you don’t contract Covid right at the start of your vacation in Mykonos.

Is There a Health Screening Procedure at Mykonos Airport?

During the pandemic’s peak, many airports implemented health screening protocols for people who arrive, such as social distancing, temperature measurement, and rapid coronavirus tests. However, this procedure is no longer required, and once you arrive at the JMK airport, you will be free to go to one of the Mykonos luxury villas and begin your holiday.

A thermometer on a white background

The current protocol for arrivals at airports doesn’t include a health screening

No Changes in the Protocol for Arrivals Are Expected – Still, Check the News on the Official Website of the Greek Embassy or Consulate in Your Country Before Departing

Even though the Greek government came out with a statement about the protocols for arrivals in May 2022, no significant changes are expected for this summer. You shouldn’t worry that you will go through a more complicated process to get to one of the private villas in Mykonos. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t check from time to time if there are any Covid-related announcements on the website of the Greek Ministry of Tourism, just to be safe.

Man looking at the laptop

Even though nothing is expected to change, always double-check for new information

What Should You Do if You Start Feeling Any Symptoms the Day You Arrive?

What to do if you are preparing for a trip on a Mykonos yacht rental or getting ready to shop in Mykonos town and suddenly feel unwell? First and foremost, this doesn’t mean that you have coronavirus. Don’t start to panic right away. The vacation is not over.

The best thing one can do in this situation is to get a PCR test. In case you are positive, you should go back to your Mykonos villa or hotel room and quarantine for at least five days.

However, if you are negative, you can continue with your vacation and enjoy all the sandy beaches, unique international as well as Greek restaurants, boat parties, and Mykonos attractions.

Where Can You Get a PCR Test in Mykonos?

If you want to get tested to see whether you contracted the virus or you want to leave your quarantine since you feel well, you must find a location where they perform PCR tests. There are numerous places where you can get tested, such as medical centers, clinics, and molecular laboratories. Tourists most commonly turn to:

  • Mykonos Medical,
  • Sea Medical Health Clinic,
  • Mykonian Hygeia.

However, if you don’t want to wait in queues or you want to get results as fast as possible, you can get tested at one of the Mykonos villas for rent where you are staying. Simply contact your Mykonos concierge to arrange for certified experts to test you. The options that you will be presented with are rapid or antigen tests.

Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Test with a negative result

Get tested in medical centers or have experts come to your Mykonos villa rental

Are You Allowed to Leave Self-Isolation and Catch the Most Recent Flight Home?

If you want to travel to your country before the end of the holiday and quit self-isolation, it will be allowed. However, many airlines won’t accept passengers who have respiratory infections. They would recommend that you postpone the flight. We advise informing the airline of your condition and seeking further information on whether you’ll be allowed to board their plane or not.

Plane in the air

Contact the airline you want to fly with and see what their specific requirements are

Are There Restrictions Visitors Need to Abide by During Their Visit?

While on your holiday in Greece, you are obliged to adhere to all measures which apply to all Greek citizens as well. However, do not worry since the most stringent restrictions were lifted. From May 2022, face masks are no longer required in indoor spaces. They are mandatory only for passengers on public transport such as buses, metro, and taxis. Additionally, in different areas on cruise ships, ferries, and boats, masks are required.

colorful face masks

Don’t forget to have your face masks with you when you ride buses and drive in taxis

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