If you finally got a chance to visit one of the most famous Cyclades, you are probably wondering what all the things you must do in Mykonos are? This might be a small island, but it definitely has a lot to offer, from amazing beaches, and significant historical landmarks, to popular nightclubs. Our recommendation is to experience it all, and this guide will help you make a plan for your grand tour around one of the best islands in the world.

#1 Visiting Little Venice, One of the Most Popular Spots on the Island

Every list of the must-do things in Mykonos definitely always begins with a visit to the old town, even if you’re just here for parties, it is unacceptable that you don’t check out the amazing Chora, its picturesque harbor, and gorgeous streets with white houses. Little Venice is the town’s true gem, located right on the seashore, with its recognizable colorful buildings and beautiful taverns and restaurants serving amazing Greek delicacies.

Windmills Are Just a Few Steps Away

While you’re here, you must at least take a picture near the town’s landmark, the famous windmills. You can find the five most popular ones close to Little Venice, so visiting them while you’re already there might be perfect.

Little Venice

Little Venice is one of the top tourist attractions you should visit if you travel here

#2 Island Hopping and Visiting the Nearby Island – Delos

A day trip to the neighboring island of Delos might be the perfect thing to see if you’re into island hopping. Delos is actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the previous religious and political centers of the Cyclades, so it has a significant meaning in the history of Greece. Besides Delos, you can easily visit Santorini, Tinos, Paros, and the other Cyclades, as well as Crete.

The Best Way to Get to Delos Is to Catch a Ferry From the Mykonos Port

You can book a round trip for about €23. Once you reach your destination, you should also get tickets for the archeological site, which will cost you about €12 per adult. A guided tour is highly recommended if you would like to learn many interesting legends about this famous place and hear more about Greek history.

Delos archeological site

A day trip to one of the most famous Greek archaeological sites is something you shouldn’t miss while being here

#3 Visiting the Interesting Mykonos Folklore Museum in the Old Town

Located in the Kastro neighborhood, Mykonos Folklore Museum displays various historical artifacts, interesting furniture pieces, musical instruments, Byzantine coins, and many manuscripts, photographs, and ancient maps. The entrance is free, and the museum is closed on Sundays.

This Museum is Conveniently Located Near Paraportiani Church

While you’re around here, don’t miss to visit another popular historical spot – Paraportiani Church. It is very close to the Folklore Museum and is one of the most photographed spots on the island. The beautiful white building overlooks the sea, so you should definitely capture precious moments you spend there with your loved ones and share them on your social media.

Paraportiani Church

You can find many interesting spots if you go exploring the town on foot

#4 Exploring Some of the Best Beaches on the Island

Even if you’re not staying too long, you should definitely visit some of the best beaches on the island. And believe us, it will be hard for you to pick which one to visit first because all of them are beautiful and offer numerous amenities, restaurants, and options for recreational activities and water sports. Some of the most famous ones are:

  • Paraga Beach,
  • Psarou Beach,
  • Panormos Beach,
  • Elia Beach,
  • Paradise Beach,
  • Super Paradise Beach,
  • Platis Gialos,
  • Ornos.

Try Some Fun Water Sports if You Get Bored of Lying on the Beach

Paradise, Kalo Livadi, and Elia should be your first stops if you’re into water sports and various fun activities. The conditions here are perfect for all sorts of activities, from riding a jet ski to parasailing. You can treat yourself to a small adrenaline rush while you’re here before relaxing on a comfy sunbed and listening to famous DJs.

Beach at Mykonos

Despite being small in size, this island offers numerous amazing beaches

#5 Partying From Dusk Till Dawn Is Something Mykonos Is Known for Worldwide

Obviously, Mykonos wouldn’t be as famous as it is if there weren’t the famous parties that attract celebrities and clubbers from all around the world to come here each year. Beach bars and nightclubs with incredible energy and entertainment mixed with beautiful ambiance and atmosphere are a winning recipe for having a good time. Once you experience Mykonos nightlife, you’ll definitely want to come back for more every year. Some of the most popular nightclubs are:

  • Alemagou Beach Bar,
  • Bonboniere Bar,
  • Principote Bar Restaurant
Mykonos at night

Exciting nightlife is one of the things Mykonos is well-known for, so you’ll definitely have a memorable time

Another Must Do in Mykonos Is Renting a Private Villa

You might think to yourself, what is better than going to Mykonos during the summer? Well, almost nothing, but if you want to enhance that even more, you should rent one of the luxurious private villas in Mykonos overlooking the Aegean Sea. If you can already see yourself swimming in a nice infinity pool while admiring the breathtaking sunset from your Mykonos villa, all you have to do is contact The Ace Vip, pick one of many Mykonos villas on our offer. You should also consider renting a private vehicle because this can make getting around the island much easier if you plan to have an active and fun vacation.