If your summer vacation essentials include sunny days, stunning sandy beaches, delicious food, and great parties all veiled up in a world of luxury, your choice of summer destinations probably comes down to Mallorca vs. Mykonos. So, here is a comparison of these two stunning places that will help you make the right decision.

Here’s Everything You Need to Consider When Choosing Between Mallorca vs. Mykonos

Choosing between two top-tier summer destinations can be quite difficult. They’re both luxurious, offer incredible beaches, bars, and service, and look like they came out of a postcard. One is in Spain, the other is in Greece, and we’re not talking about Ibiza or Santorini. At the end of the day, it all comes down to the small details. Here is a comparison of two incredibly popular islands – Mykonos and Mallorca.

Who Wins in the Search for the Best Beaches – Greece or Spain?

When it comes to the battle of the beaches, deciding between large sandy beaches in Mallorca and the smaller, turquoise beaches of Mykonos is quite difficult. Both islands have some of the best beaches in the world, with crystal clear waters and soft, golden sand.

However, the one thing Mallorca doesn’t have is the exceptional service Mykonos offers at all times. The beaches on the Island of the Winds are very organized, with amazing beach bars, clubs, and restaurants ready to make your beach day as comfortable as possible.

Which Destination Will Break the Bank More?

Even though Mallorca is considered to be one of the more expensive regions of Spain, it’s still more affordable than the Island of the Winds. Mykonos is known for its high prices, and you will need a thicker wallet if you want to visit this stunning Greek island, but it’s well worth the luxurious experience it offers.

The Toughest Choice Is Between Greek and Spanish Cuisine

Food is the most important part of any vacation, and choosing between Spanish and Greek cuisine is no easy task. They both feature homey, rich flavors and fresh seafood. However, Greek cuisine always comes on top as a winner, and nothing compares to traditional Greek dishes that will warm your soul and taste buds.

When it comes to the restaurant scene, both destinations offer a wide variety of different restaurants. However, Mykonos is known for its fabulous restaurant scene, with hundreds of world-class restaurants scattered throughout the island. If you’re looking for fine dining and amazing culinary experiences, the Island of the Winds is the place for you.

Seafood platter
Both cuisines are focused on delicious, fresh seafood

Which Island Has a Better Party Scene – Mykonos vs. Mallorca?

While both islands have a great party scene, there is a reason only one carries the name of being the ultimate party island – Mykonos has an unparalleled nightlife. There are countless clubs and beach bars on the island, and it’s amongst the most popular party spots for many celebrities and millionaires. If you’re looking for some crazy disco party nights and a fun time in some of the best clubs in the world, Mykonos is the place for you.

Where Should You Go for a Family-Friendly Vacation?

If you’re searching for the perfect destination for your next family vacation, Mallorca wins this round. While Mykonos has lots of family-friendly activities, it’s mainly a destination meant for couples or younger people. On the other hand, Mallorca is more timid and great if you want some family time.

Mykonos Is the Obvious Choice for Shopping Addicts

If you’re looking to treat yourself to a new wardrobe and spend some money, there couldn’t be a better place to do so than The Island of the Winds. It’s a shopaholic’s paradise, filled with countless designer shops carrying the latest lines, as well as lots of local shops that offer various handmade products.

If you want to go on a shopping spree, check out the famous Matogianni Street in the Old Town of Chora. The streets of Mallorca also have some great shops, and you’ll easily find ways to spend money, but they don’t come close to shopping in Mykonos.

Which Destination Offers More Attractions and Cultural Sights?

The definite winner in this category is Mykonos. The island has an incredibly rich history and culture, and there are many things to see in order to experience the culture. The Old Town of Chora is known as one of the most beautiful, and it’s filled with tourist attractions, churches, and various museums and cultural sights.

The Old Port and the romantic neighborhood of Little Venice are something you must see, and the iconic windmills will blow you away. If you have the time, travel to the beautiful village of Ano Mera. The most significant old town in Mallorca is Alcudia, and while it is very charming, it can’t compare to the historical importance of Chora.

Street in Chora
The Old Town of Chora is filled with many interesting attractions

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