Mykonos gained major popularity thanks to unforgettable parties, beautiful beaches, and amazing Greek food and hospitality. Many say that the island is the jewel in the crown. However, not everyone agrees, so some started wondering is Mykonos overrated? Are there better parties and prettier beaches? And at a much more affordable price? Let’s try to find out.

Mykonos Is Mostly Known as a Party Island, But There Is So Much More That Makes It So Unique

You were probably living under a rock if you had never heard about this legendary party island and its iconic clubs. Mykonos is home to some of the most popular clubs and beach bars, not only in Greece and Europe but in the whole world. Many celebrities and billionaires come here year after year to enjoy great food, beautiful beaches, exciting nightlife, and an overall unique and seductive atmosphere.

So it is no wonder this island gets overbooked so quickly because everyone wants to spend their summer vacations right there. However, some people might disagree, which is how the buzz about Mykonos being overrated started spreading. But is it really? The answer is simple – no, Mykonos is not overrated. There is definitely a good background and many reasons why it is worth the hype.

Fireworks above Mykonos

If you see Instagram and Facebook posts from this place every day, you might start wondering why everyone wants to be on this Greek island, is it really worth the hype?

It Is a Small Island, So It Gets Overbooked Quickly – Especially Popular Beaches, Clubs, and Hotels

Since Mykonos is not a big island but at the same time it is a very famous destination, it’s no wonder that people book accommodation months in advance. Why wouldn’t they, when they already know that a good time here is guaranteed. This applies not only to hotels but to clubs and restaurants as well. It is good to make reservations in advance to ensure you’ll have a nice time.

This might feel frustrating for those who prefer to plan more spontaneously, but people who visit Mykonos usually have their minds set on specific things. Many think that Mykonos is not worth the stress of chasing reservations, tickets, and planning everything so much in advance, so they give up before even trying. They miss the opportunity to find out that it is actually all worth it.

It Might Be Hard to Find Available Sunbeds

Another thing you need to consider is that beaches are often packed, so it might be hard to find a sunbed or two at the desired beach. Luckily, despite being a small island, Mykonos has many beautiful beaches, so if you don’t like the atmosphere on one beach and think that it is overcrowded, you can easily go to a different one. This is one of the benefits of the small island – everything is in proximity.

You can go from one beach to another in no time – there is even a water taxi that can drive you to some most famous beaches such as Platys Gialos, Psarou, and Elia. If you want to ensure you see some of the most beautiful beaches around here, renting a private yacht might be ideal for you. Also, many don’t know that there are some beaches that are without sunbeds and parasols.

You don’t have to pay for a sunbed or a drink at the bar, it is completely free to enjoy the beach and warm sand, plus these beaches are usually not so crowded. It is a perfect option for everyone on a budget or those who simply want to have a relaxing day on the beach, away from day parties, loud music, or influencers chasing the best Instagram spots on Mykonos.

Making a Table Reservation on Mykonos Island Can Be Challenging

Getting a table at some of the most popular beach clubs and restaurants might be challenging during the peak of the season. If you don’t pre-book a table, you might have to wait in front of a restaurant for some time to get a table, but it will definitely be worth it.

Restaurants in Mykonos hire some of the best chefs in the world, so the food here is phenomenal. From sushi, and seafood, to traditional Greek dishes – you will love everything you taste. Mykonos food is amazing and worth every cent, so if you need any help with getting a table – The Ace Vip offers amazing concierge services, which can be very helpful for making reservations.

Two sunbeds and parasols on a beach

This is one of the smaller islands in Greece, but it is very popular, so the best places and hotels get booked quickly

Many Places Have Crazy Prices, But That’s Not a General Rule

Besides all the previously mentioned factors that might give you a wrong impression about this island, there is another important thing to mention – high prices. This is actually one of the biggest misconceptions about this place – some believe that everything around here is overpriced and that Mykonos is expensive.

However, that is not true at all – there is definitely a way to visit Mykonos on a budget, but there are still ways to spend thousands if you want. It all depends on how well you organize and plan your trip. Check who flies to Mykonos and get those cheap tickets on time, do a bit of research and find some affordable bars and restaurants, it is all doable. Who visits Mykonos? Everyone. Not just the rich and famous.

Infinity pool and a sunbed next to it

Book yourself a private Mykonos villa if you travel here and you’ll have a lot of comfort without many tourists around

Is Mykonos Overrated? You Can Rent a Private Villa and See for Yourself What Makes This Place So Special

Spending a really glamorous summer here will, without any doubt, turn you into a Mykonos lover and help you understand why Mykonos is not overrated – it really is magical and justifies its reputation. It is an island whose vibes everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. To ensure you get the most out of your vacation, rent one of the private villas in Mykonos so you can have the most unique experience. The Ace Vip is here to help you with that, so don’t hesitate to contact us and explore our offer of luxury Mykonos villas for rental.