Everybody knows that planning and organizing a perfect annual summer vacation can be very overwhelming and stressful. There are many things to consider. How much can I afford to spend? How far in advance can I book a holiday? Here is the ultimate guide on how to plan and when to start planning the Greek holiday of your dreams.

Although there is no official limit to how early you can book your vacation, if you are looking for a good deal, the best tips recommend booking a trip around nine months before your holiday. It is often possible to make reservations a year early, but doing so likely won’t provide you with any benefits, so there is no incentive to do it.

How Far in Advance Can I Book a Holiday in Mykonos, Greece? There Are Many Things to Consider

An urban legend says the total price of your holiday depends on the moment you book it, and in this case, the myth is true. However, most people think that the earlier you reserve tickets and a luxury Mykonos villa rental, the cheaper the price will be. However, that’s not entirely true. Booking a year in advance is too early, and in most cases, it won’t get you a cheaper deal.

There are two moments when you can most likely get a cheaper deal for your annual vacation – first and last-minute deals. If you have room in your schedule, one of our best tips is to book around nine months before your vacation. That’s when the first deals are the cheapest, and you have many arrangements to choose from as not many people sign up that far ahead. Another advantage is that once you have booked everything, you can just relax and wait for your holiday, completely stress-free.

The other moment when you can expect big discounts is approximately a week before your trip. If you want to get the best last-minute deals, start planning your holiday a week or two beforehand. That’s when all the prices start to plummet in hopes of filling out the last remaining spots. So, if you miss out on the first-minute deal, our advice would be to wait until the last possible second to reserve everything at lower prices.

Start by Taking Days Off Work and Figuring Out When You Can Travel on Vacation

When planning a trip, figuring out your travel dates should be the first thing on your list. It doesn’t make much sense to reserve everything without checking your availability and if you can get time off work. So, the very first step in organizing your dream vacation on one of the most beautiful Greek islands is having a talk with your boss and colleagues and figuring out the exact dates of your vacation. Once you know exactly when you can visit Mykonos, you can move on to other aspects of preparing for travel.

a calendar
Before you reserve anything, make sure you are available for travel

How Much in Advance Is It Best to Book Your Flights?

Plane tickets can be very unpredictable, but a general rule is that they are the cheapest a couple of months to a month before the departure date. However, if you don’t have that much time, don’t worry, as airlines may also drop their prices at the last moment. Keep an eye on the cost of the flights and how they change daily, and try to buy them at their lowest. According to Skyscanner, if you want cheaper tickets, the best day to buy tickets is Tuesday, so consider this tip for your next trip.

Once You Get the Plane Tickets, It’s Time to Find Accommodation

The last step when planning your trip is booking accommodation – either one of the luxury hotels on the island or one of the private villas in Mykonos. Hotel rooms are also usually cheaper when booked either really early or at the last moment. While the hotels this magical island has to offer are excellent, Mykonos villas for rental are always the superior choice. Booking villas in advance will allow you to choose the ideal villa for your stay on the island.

Villa VillaSarandon 5
Make sure to reserve the villa of your dreams on time

Early Bird or Last Minute Planning – Which Is Better?

There are two types of people – those who are very meticulous and like to have everything planned out to the last detail in advance and those who are more easygoing and flexible. But which type gets the best vacation deals? Are you better off if you plan out everything ahead or if you do it at the last minute?

If you already know which summer destination you want to visit, and have a very specific time frame in which you can travel, then booking early on is the best option for you. When you have specific requests like these, you are more likely to find exactly what you’re looking for if you start early on.

If you try to find your travel accommodations at the last moment, you may be disappointed to find that most of the things you’re looking for have already been booked. This is especially true for those traveling in large groups – it’s always harder to find travel arrangements for many people at the last second before the trip, especially on The Island of the Winds, one of the most popular Greek islands. It may cause you to break up the group by staying in separate places, so it’s always safer to look earlier on.

On the other hand, last-moment booking is perfect for those who have more flexible schedules and requests but a lower budget. You can get much cheaper deals if you decide to make all the arrangements a week before your trip, as both airlines and hotels are looking to fill empty spots at a cheaper price. So, if you don’t really care where you’re going or when, and you just want an affordable trip, wait until the prices plummet right before the travel dates.

Coins in a jar
If you want the lowest prices, try booking either at the first or last minute

No Matter When You Book Your Flight, Contact The Ace VIP and Let Us Provide You With the Best Travel Arrangements

It doesn’t matter when you start to plan your summer holiday – a year, a month, or just a day before, you can always count on The Ace VIP to provide you with the best possible travel arrangements. Contact us whenever, and we will make sure you get the summer vacation you’ve always dreamed of. Use one of our gorgeous Mykonos luxury villas, and rely on your very own Mykonos concierge to assist you with anything you may need during your stay. You can rent a car of your choice even upon your arrival if you don’t have time to do it earlier. And remember, there is never a wrong time, and you can never be too late to treat yourself to a day on a Mykonos yacht rental.