Alcohol and food culture in Greece is extremely important, and it’s by far the best thing about any summer vacation in this sunny country. So, here is everything you need to know about Greece’s national drink – you will need it for your getaway to the Island of the Winds. Once you try this drink on a night out, tequila and vodka will be a thing of the past.

Here Is Some Basic Knowledge About Greece’s National Drink – Ouzo

Just like moussaka is the national dish of Greece, ouzo is known as its national drink, and to no surprise, they pair together perfectly. Ouzo is a very strong drink, with about 40-60% alcohol content. It’s made in large copper stills from grape pomace and herb flavorings such as anise.

While it is strong, it has a very sweet taste, and it is usually diluted with water when it turns from a clear liquid into a milky-white color. Ouzo is a staple of Greek culture and a mandatory part of the legendary Greek nights. It’s a drink that is loved and respected on all Greek islands.

How and When Do You Drink Ouzo?

Ouzo is an integral part of Greek culture, and this drink is loved and respected by locals all over the country. It can be found in every Greek taverna, every beach bar and restaurant, and in every local shop on the island. There are even specialized local bars called ouzeries, serving it the old, traditional way. Ouzo should never be taken as a shot – it’s supposed to be sipped slowly and enjoyed.

You can have it neat, over ice, or diluted with water, and it is traditionally served along with a selection of small finger foods – meze that usually includes cheese, olives, dried and fresh fruits, nuts, and so on. These days, ouzo can also be found in lots of popular cocktails, which you can try in one of the beach clubs.

Using Ouzo in Cooking Is an Easy Step That Makes Every Recipe Better

Alcohol is a very popular ingredient in lots of recipes, so it should come as no surprise that the national drink is often used in Greek cuisine to amp up the flavor of any dish. It’s mostly used when cooking seafood dishes, as it brings out a beautiful flavor of the seafood. It pairs perfectly with shrimp – toss some olive oil, garlic, and shrimp into a hot pan, add ouzo and let it ignite, and you will be left with the most delicious garlicky shrimp in a luscious sauce.

Seafood dish
Ouzo is used to bring out the flavor of seafood

Make Sure to Try Out Other Traditional Drinks Like Metaxa or Tsipouro During Your Vacation

It’s no secret that the Greeks love their alcohol, and they have more delicious locally produced drinks to offer than just their beloved national drink. Besides ouzo, Greeks make more types of alcoholic drinks, with metaxa, raki, and tsipouro being the most popular ones.

Tsipouro and Raki Are Similar to Ouzo

Besides ouzo, you will also find raki and tsipouro on every menu on the Island of the Winds. But what are they? While they might seem similar and are both made from grape pomace, raki and tsipouro are different drinks, and most importantly, they’re not the same as ouzo, as most tourists believe. True raki is associated with the island of Crete – it has a higher alcohol content that can reach up to 60% and a very strong flavor and smell, while tsipouro comes from various regions of Greece, has a smaller alcohol content of 20-40%, and can be made from other fruits as well.

Don’t Leave Without Trying Metaxa – One of the Most Popular Greek Drinks

If you like strong yet sweet and citrusy drinks, you will love Metaxa – a drink that originated in Greece all the way back in 1888. It’s a brandy-like spirit that is made from local Greek grapes, Muscat wine, and a special herbal mix. Metaxa is aged in large oak barrels, which gives it depth of flavor. You can choose between three, five, and seven-star Metaxa, depending on how many years it’s been aging in the barrels. You can drink it like any other brandy – neat or over rocks, or you can try some delicious cocktails that are made with Metaxa.

Metaxa and a glass
Metaxa is a Greek drink similar to brandy

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