Are you planning an adventurous and unforgettable summer in Greece and hoping to find some beautiful gay nudist beaches in Mykonos? This island is known worldwide as a popular destination among the LGBTQ+ population and nudists, so it won’t be hard to find spots where you can comfortably express your sexuality alongside other tourists who share the same spirit.

Mykonos Attracts Many Gay Nudists, So it Won’t Be Hard to Find Beaches Where You Can Feel Comfortable

Mykonos is known as one of the most legendary party destinations, but there is much more about it to admire. This is the place where thousands of LGBTQ+ tourists come every year because they feel accepted and free to express their sexuality. It is also home to many beautiful beaches – some of them are popular for families, but there are also plenty of hidden gems preferred among nudists.

Considering all of this, it won’t be hard to find both gay and nudist-friendly spots where you can enjoy skinny dipping and tanning without a bikini as much as you like. You can also check out some of the trendy beach bars that are extremely popular among gay tourists and enjoy an unforgettable summer. It is important to point out that there are no rules, and there are no exclusive nude beaches, but you can take your bikini off if you wish so.

Beach on Mykonos

Mykonos is known for its charming beaches, and many of them are nudist and gay friendly

Elia Is One of the Best Spots for Gays and Nudists

Elia Beach welcomes everyone. Whether you’re gay, straight, couple, single, travel with family or looking for a place where you can comfortably take your bikini off and enjoy tanning or swimming naked – there is room for everyone, and no one is judging. Everyone is here for the same reason – to enjoy the soft sand and clear water, and have some fun.

The Gay-Friendly Part of This Popular Mykonos Beach Is Clearly Marked With a Rainbow Flag

Once you arrive at the beach, you’ll notice a fully organized part of Elia, with large and comfortable sunbeds for rent and a trendy beach club. If you start walking to the right side (when facing the sea), you’ll notice the rainbow flag that clearly marks the gay-friendly area of the beach, right next to the water sports facilities.

Although other parts of the beach are also gay-friendly, this section is like a small haven or a “safe choice.” If you continue walking towards the end of the beach, you’ll find another section that is nudist-friendly and extremely popular among nude and gay sunbathers.

Elia Beach

Elia is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island

Agrari Is a Great Alternative If You Find Elia Too Crowded

Agrari Beach is another option for those looking for peace and tranquility. Known around the island as a famous alternative to Elia, this is the place where you can come to relax after a wild night out at some of the best Mykonos clubs.

If you rent a private yacht with your friends, here you can throw an anchor and enjoy skinny dipping. Tourists love this place because it is not so crowded and has a sort of hidden atmosphere with the same beautiful surroundings as Elia. It is also a popular destination for gay couples, so don’t hesitate to come here with your soulmate and enjoy the nudist part of the beach together.

Two sunbeds at the beach

Agrari is one of the best alternatives for those that find Elia too crowded

Panormos Is One of the Best Gay Nudist Beaches

Panormos Beach is located on the island’s northern side, and it recently became a popular tourist destination – it used to be more of a secret place. After a popular beach club opened here, it gained popularity and became more attractive for visitors.

It has two parts – the part close to the beach club is more crowded with tourists, while the other part on the left side is reserved for gays and nudists. If you choose to come here and want to take your bikini off and sunbathe naked, this is the side where you should go.

Private villa

You can rent a glamorous private Mykonos villa overlooking Panormos

Paraga Is a Small and Secluded Beach

Located within walking distance from the famous Paradise Beach, Paraga is a great alternative since nowadays, nudists can’t be seen as often on Paradise as before. Paraga attracts different crowds, but most visitors are gays and nudists, so this can be a perfect destination if you’re looking for a beach where you can feel completely free and relaxed. It has beautiful golden sand with tiny stones here and there.

Paraga Is a Great Beach, Without Water Sports Facilities That Could Disturb Your Peace

The water is clear and calm, so you will definitely have a peaceful day here. Despite being quite natural and secluded, there are sun loungers available for rent, as well as a nice beach bar and a mini-market where you can get some snacks. If you want to have a memorable night out, you should definitely check out Scorpios – one of the most popular beach bars on the island that’s located right here at Paraga Beach.

Paraga beach

Paraga is an excellent option for a relaxing day by the water

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