The Island of the Winds is not just a lively party destination but a culinary heaven as well. Small and cozy eateries hidden in the narrow cobbled streets serve guests exquisite food prepared following traditional recipes. This culinary’s guide to Mykonos food will help you discover the authentic flavors of Greece as well as how to find international restaurants where you can taste incredible dishes influenced by other cultures. Embark on this exciting adventure and prepare for your trip to Greece.

First on the Menu: Delectable Traditional Greek Food

Greek cuisine is rich in different delectable dishes, and it usually includes a lot of meat, vegetables, olive oil, and feta cheese. When it comes to meat, their specialties usually include pork, fish, veal, lamb, and beef.  They use a lot of spices, such as cumin, oregano, mint, and garlic. Vegetables are in almost every dish, and they are mostly tomatoes, aubergine, potato, okra, green beans, and onions.

The majority of restaurants you can find on The Island of the Winds feature primarily traditional cuisine of Greece since tourists usually can’t get enough of the Mediterranean savory flavors. From fast food dishes such as souvlaki and gyros to moussaka, amygdala, kalathaki, and kopanisti, you will discover just how special this cuisine really is.

Greek salad, gyros, and souvlaki on the table

Don’t miss the amazing cuisine of Greece and different refreshing, tasty meals

Top Greek Traditional Dishes You Need to Order During Your Stay

During your stay in one of the private villas in Mykonos, it is a must to go to some authentic restaurants and try exquisite Greek food. Instead of ordinary meals that are commonly ordered by tourists, we want to recommend some less-known dishes that are equally delectable. Here is a list of what you should order:

  • Kremidopita – It’s basically an onion pie that has creamy tirovolia cheese in it. The crispiness on the outside and the creamy filling make it a superb meal. This is a great meal to eat for breakfast before going out and enjoying different water activities.
  • Melopita – It is similar to kremidopita, but it is a sweet pie made with honey filling and tirovolia cheese. It’s a filling sweet treat that you can even bring and enjoy on one of the pristine Mykonos beaches.
  • Keftedes – These are meatballs that are combined with spices and herbs. Every region of the country has its own special recipe for Keftedes, so you might enjoy different Keftedes in Athens, Santorini, and Mykonos.
  • Gemista – A perfect dish for lovers of seasoned fresh meals that can be enjoyed in hot summer months, Gemista is prepared with vegetables that are stuffed with rice, onions, and olive oil. Greeks usually stuff ripe green bell peppers or beef tomatoes. It’s suitable for vegans as well.
  • Stifado – It is a stew dish that is made with different sorts of meats, such as rabbit, beef, and pork. It can also be made with just chestnuts and mushrooms. It is truly amazing because the simmered meat is savory, and everything melts in the mouth.

The secret to discovering the amazing flavors of the traditional Mediterranean cuisine of the Greeks and exciting your palette with some new and unique meals is to order something different every time. Souvlaki and gyros can be ordered at every corner of the destination. However, for these specialties, you’d have to sit down in a local restaurant or have a private chef prepare them for you.

A breakfast served on the bed in a private room

Have some Kremidopita and Melopita in your luxury Mykonos villa rental

Our Recommendations for Restaurants Where You Can Eat Amazing Greek Specialties

Some places where authentic dishes can be ordered are not popular touristy places, and you might have to make an effort to find them. Luckily our guide will reveal to you some of these hidden gems. The first eatery we recommend is M-eating, which stands out as a place with excellent service and menu.

Among the best Greek restaurants where locals go is Mamalouka also, which is located near Little Venice in Mykonos town, Chora. Then, don’t miss out on To Steki Tou Proedrou, Lefteris’ Grill House, where you will be served mouthwatering seasoned meats.

Have a look at the map and determine what eateries are closest to one of the Mykonos luxury villas you are staying at so you can begin to explore their menus and have a taste of their dishes.

Restaurant on the seashore

Leave some time and have lunch or dinner in some of the great local eateries

Next on the Menu – Authentically Mykonian Dishes You Can Enjoy on A Cruise

Every part of Greece has developed its local products and authentic meals that are completely unique for that region. The Island of the Winds is not an exception. You cannot travel to one of the luxury villa rentals in Mykonos and skip on the special Mykonain culinary creations. You must try the following:

  • Mykonos’ sausages – People all over the world are surprised by the appetizing taste of the island’s sausages. They are referred to as ‘throubi,’ and they are seasoned with pepper, oregano, and salt. The sausages are eaten as ‘meze’ before the main course, and they are a must-try.
  • Tyrovolia – We’ve already mentioned this cheese when we discussed Kremidopita and Melopita. It is actually a soft cheese that is the island’s staple. It’s used in numerous dishes in this destination.
  • Kopanisti – Another great-tasting soft cheese that is not only known all over this island but is produced in Tinos and Syros as well. It’s basically considered a Cycladic product. Many tourists enjoy it because of its spicy and peppery flavor.
  • Louza – The island’s main product is louza, prepared from pork. They are filets that have been put in salt for a whole day and seasoned with oregano salt and pepper. After the seasoning process, they are left inside a pig’s large intestine for about two weeks.

Almost all of these appetizers are incredible additional food that can be served at parties and different events before the main course or as the main course. If you plan on having a yacht party on your yacht rental in Mykonos or perhaps a special event in one of the luxury villas in Mykonos, we recommend considering treating your guests with these kinds of dishes.

Fresh white cheese mounds

Mykonos’ cheeses are soft and well-seasoned – they are a true delicacy

Among Different Things, You Absolutely Have to Do – Reserve a Table at Avli Tou Thodori and Taste Mykonos Flavors

Located in a stunning destination, Platys Gialos Beach, Avli Tou Thodori is a place where you can dine dishes made with local ingredients and enjoy the gorgeous scenery. The mix of the beauty of the scenery and the finest meals from local produce is what will make your travel experience incredible.

Their extensive menu has everything you can want, but their authentic delicacies like grilled Mykonian mushrooms, shrimp saganaki, and feta cheese wrapped in pastry with honey and sesame seeds are top choices for anyone visiting the place for the first time.

A slice of cake on a plate

Leave one of the Mykonos villas for rent and go for lunch at Avli Tou Thodori

For Seafood Lovers – Explore the Appetizing Seafood of the Mediterranean Cuisine

Seafood is a big part of the cuisine in Greece, and almost every restaurant offers dishes that contain sardines, shrimp, and anchovies. The most delicious meals include grilled calamari, grilled salmon, sea bass filets with tomato sauce, grilled shrimp with lemon sauce, and grilled lobster.

We recommend tasting sardines and calamari. Fishermen fish for fresh sardines every day, and they are prepared in various ways. The most common way is to stuff them with garlic and parsley, which is very delectable. On the other hand, calamari is usually served fried and sliced up with a lemon next to it. But you can get stuffed calamari as well with tomato, peppers, and feta cheese. Then it’s a true feast for the senses.

The fish is usually accompanied by baked potatoes or different sauces such as tzatziki, but there is another delicacy that is considered to be top-notch. It’s taramosalata – a delightful appetizer. Greeks make a dip traditionally from the fish roe of carp, mullet, and cod. It is white, and it tastes incredible when it is combined with walnuts, almonds, and potatoes and made into a salad.

Fish served next to baked potatoes

The best seafood dishes usually are with sardines, calamari, salmon, and shrimp

What Are the Best Seafood Tavernas?

If you want to leave one of the Mykonos villas for rental and explore the best seafood restaurants, you should go to some of the tavernas that many tourists and locals praise for excellent seafood dishes.

We recommend first checking out Kiki’s taverna. It is situated close to Agios Sostis Beach, and it focuses on serving exquisitely grilled fish. You can order swordfish, mussels, and octopus as well.

Another excellent place for seafood lovers is the Nikos Gallop, where fresh fish meals with Cretan influences are prepared.

Lastly, we would suggest heading to Fokos taverna for a relaxing experience of eating delectable seafood delicacies. Since it is located far away from the crowded places on Fokos Beach, it would be wise to hire a private driver that will take you to the taverna.

Octopus drying  in the sun

Choose Kiki’s Taverna, Fokos Taverna, or Nikos Gallop for a seafood experience

Have a Sip of the Sweet Mykonos’ Wine on a Wine-Tasting Tour

Dining without ordering a glass of Mykonos wine is unimaginable. But how will you know which one suits your palette the best? Well, go on a wine-tasting tour and choose one. There are many vineyards in the region of Ano Mera. The most commonly found grape varieties here are Mandilaria, Assyrtiko, and Monemvasia.

The Greeks here specialize in red and white wines, PGI Aegean wines. Even though the production is thought to be really small for this destination, there are some delectable wines that are cherished by the tourists and the locals.

The Ultimate Wine-Tasting Tours Can You Attend?

You can search online for tours which are generally guided tours that take you through vineyards in Ano Mera so you can taste some dishes as well as wines. Some of them include culinary classes as well, so you can prepare food following age-old recipes and enjoy tasty wines. Here are our top picks for tours:

  • Wine Tasting Tour at a Traditional Farm in Mykonos By Mykonian Farm,
  • Wine Tasting In Mykonos With Greek Ancient Varieties By Mykonos Experience,
  • Half-Day Wine Tasting Tour in Mykonos By Mykonian Spiti.

Finally, our tip is to check where the guide starts, whether it is nearby one of the Greek villas in Mykonos you are staying at or whether there is a meeting point you need to go to.

A glass of wine in front of a vineyard

If you want to go on an adventure in Ano Mera vineyards, choose one guided tour

Last Stop in This Culinary’s Guide to Mykonos Food and Restaurants – International Options

If you get a craving for sushi or food from other countries such as Peru, Italy, France, or China, we can tell you that there is a wide choice of international eateries in this destination, and you will be able to satisfy any type of craving.

The majority of eateries offer their local specialties along with some international dishes, but there are eateries that are focused on a different cuisine altogether. For tasty Japanese meals, head to Zuma. It combines bold flavors with Japanese cooking that no one is truly immune to. They just might have the most delicious sushi.

For Peruvian-style meals, you need to visit the best international restaurant called Coya. It’s a great place to have some rich, spicy beef with aji limo and crispy shallots. A great dish is also Langostino Tigre which is a Josper tiger prawn chili salsa. Extremely tasty.

If you are in search of Italian-style pizza, you should go to Ceresio 7, which is an Italian restaurant that boasts perfect pasta dishes and incredible seafood. They add a bit of Mykonian influences, so it is a great feast for the senses.

You don’t have to lift a finger to get a reservation at these eateries. We recommend asking your concierge in Mykonos to reserve a table for you, and you will get to dine in these amazing places in no time.

Pasta with a cherry tomato on a plate

You will have a wide selection of different international eateries

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