Summer vacations are definitely the sweetest time of year, and there’s no better way to spend it than by indulging in amazing food on the Island of the Winds. If you get a sweet tooth after a long day on the beach, here are the best dessert places in Mykonos, Greece, that are worth the sugar hype.

Go On a Sweet Adventure and Discover the Best Dessert Place in Mykonos

Summer vacation is a time to relax and recharge your batteries before returning to the real world. Mykonos is known as a vivid place where everyone is always friendly, drinks flow freely, time doesn’t matter as there is always a hot new club open until sunrise, and most importantly – the calories you eat on holiday don’t count, and you get to indulge in the most delicious Greek food and sweets.

Greek cuisine is mostly famous for savory dishes, but once you try some authentic Greek desserts, we promise you’ll be blown away. So, here are some of the best dessert places on the Island of the Winds you have to eat at during your stay.

Attica Bakery Is One of the Most Popular Spots in the Old Town

The famous Attica Bakery is a staple on the Island of the Winds. It’s situated in the heart of Chora, and it’s a simple, traditional pastry shop with yummy pastries and desserts at very affordable prices. Besides various flaky, moist, and delicious pies, cakes, and pastries, they also offer smoothies, great coffee, gelato, sandwiches, crepes, and so on. It’s a good spot for a quick breakfast or brunch or if you’re just craving something sweet. The service is very fast, so don’t get intimidated if there’s a big line in front – Attica is well worth the line.

Get the Most Delicious Ice Cream on the Island from DaVinci Gelato Mykonos and Head to the Beach

DaVinci Gelato is by far the Mykonos’ best dessert place when it comes to ice cream. It’s so tasty it will definitely make you come back for more. If you don’t feel like sitting in the shop, you can get gelato takeout and enjoy your treats in one of the private villas in Mykonos, or you can get some gelato and head towards the sea and enjoy the views.

Gioras Wood Medieval Mykonian Bakery Is an Authentic Old School Greek Bakery

Gioras Wood Medieval Bakery is one of the hidden gems on this beautiful island. It’s located in the Old Town, close to Little Venice. The ambiance is very welcoming and homey, with old wooden tables, chairs, and cabinets all around the shop. Everything is homemade, the prices are very affordable, and it’s the perfect place to try authentic Greek dessert and pastry recipes. If you want to try a traditional Greek baklava, this is the place for you.

Sliced baklava triangles on a blue plate
Try authentic baklava in Gioras Bakery

You Can’t Skip Trio Bambini

If there is one dessert place on the entire island you shouldn’t skip, it’s Trio Bambini. It’s located on Mitropoleos Street in Chora, close to the windmills, and its menu is short and sweet – you can choose between homemade crepes and waffles, frozen yogurt, and gelato.

Fournos Veneti Is One of the Best Bakeries on the Island

Fournos Veneti is another classic Greek bakery that serves amazing pastries. Besides sweet and savory treats, they also serve salads, so they’re a great place for brunch. They have so many dessert options it’s almost impossible to try them all during one trip, but we suggest you try your hardest. The prices are very reasonable and the service is great; this is a fabulous place to get takeout if your luxury Mykonos villa rental is located in Chora and you’re heading to the beach.

Kayak Is the Perfect Place to Take a Little Coffee and Dessert Break

If you find yourself sightseeing and walking around the paved streets of the Old Town in need of a nice coffee and dessert break, head to Kayak. It’s a beautiful, small coffee shop located on Matogiannia Street that serves amazing desserts such as ice cream, crepes, waffles, Greek yogurt, and so much more. They even have great vegan options.

Treat Yourself to a Special Night with Some Drinks and Desserts in Buddha Bar or Krama Restaurants

If you’re in the mood for a lavish night out in a restaurant and treating yourself to the finest desserts prepared by some of the best chefs in the world, you should definitely pay a visit to the Buddha Bar or Krama restaurants. They are very high-end, very exclusive, and offer very delicious food. Krama restaurant is located in the exclusive Semeli Hotel, while Buddha Bar is in Ornos Bay.

The desserts are not only delicious, but they are also an experience in itself because of the original ways they’re decorated and presented. Paired with a glass of wine and a beach view, it’s a winning combination for a perfect evening. The prices in these restaurants may be steep, but the experience is worth it.

 A cake on a plate with crumbs
Go to Krama or Buddha Bar if you want 5-star quality desserts

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