Planning a vacation isn’t easy, you have a lot of things to think about. Most people start thinking about what to pack for the travel or which one of the private villas in Mykonos to rent, but true coffeeholic can only think about what are the best Mykonos coffee shops and restaurants to have their morning espresso.

There Is No Better Way to Start Your Day Than in One of the Best Mykonos Coffee Shops

Everyone knows there is nothing better than waking up in the morning in your Mykonos villa rental, taking a walk around, and admiring the beautiful views for which the island is known for.

However, caffeine lovers have something better in mind – a walk to one of the best cafes for that first sip of their morning fuel, which tastes better when it’s right next to Mykonos beaches and has a beautiful sea view. So, don’t worry. You’ll have many cafes to choose from to satisfy your caffeine cravings.

Popolo Cafe Is One of Many Attractions in Old Town

Popolo is a small Greek-themed Italian cafe located in ChoraMykonos old town. They serve wonderful caffeinated beverages, and they’re located near the center of town, which means this place is often crowded with tourists that need a little espresso break after looking at the tourist attractions.

This place is the perfect solution for a restaurant if you’re in search of a quick brunch. They have great Italian and Greek food options, delicious refreshments, and warm pastries. A great thing about this place is that all the ingredients are fresh and natural, so there really is no better way to start your day than with a healthy breakfast and a delicious cup of your favorite drink.

One of the Most Popular Coffee Destinations Is El Burro Cafe

El Burro is one of the best coffee places on the island. They opened just a few years ago and became one of the most popular places in a very short amount of time. While they don’t serve the best vanilla ice cream frappuccino, we can guarantee you won’t drink a better shot of espresso anywhere in Greece.

El Burro is a small restaurant, but it’s always packed with people. It’s located near Chora, in Vougli. They also have excellent brunch options until 2 PM, serving anything from pancakes, eggs, and sandwiches to burgers, salads, and other international foods. Just make sure to call and make a reservation if you’re planning to eat there since it’s always very busy.

Cup of coffee on a table

El Burro is one of the most popular spots around the island

Nammos Is a Great Option if You’re Looking for Cafes on the Beach

If you want to drink your morning coffee right by the sea, looking at the waves and smelling the sea, Nammos is a beautiful spot located right on Psarou Beach. During the nighttime, Nammos is one of the most popular and exclusive formal dining places on the island.

It’s a beautiful five-star restaurant with gorgeous views, so it’s one of the Instagram spots where you can see many celebrities. During the day, the views are even more beautiful, and you can drink a perfect caffeinated beverage while overlooking the sea, so be sure to travel to Psarou beach and visit Nammos.

The Liberty Breakfast Room Requires a Little Trip

The Liberty Breakfast Room is a cafe and restaurant that is open all day and perfect for all occasions. Whether you want to have brunch or dinner with some wine or a simple cup of fresh coffee during the day, this is the right spot for you. The Liberty Breakfast Room is located on a hilltop south of Chora, so you will need to rent a car or try to catch a taxi to get there, but it’s worth the travel.

When It Comes to Mykonos Cafes, You Can’t Skip Cosmo

Cosmo is a well-known cafe in the Mykonos community. It’s a local place you just can’t skip when you visit the island. They are reasonably priced, offer great food options, and they’re a perfect place to stop for espresso and pastries before heading for a swim. Cosmo’s beautiful patio is ideal for enjoying a fresh fruit plate in the morning and a shot of espresso.

Several different types of coffee on a table

Cosmo is a great place to come for an excellent breakfast and your morning dose of caffeine

A Beach Bar or One of the  Restaurants in Mykonos Town Could Surprise You With Good Coffee

If you want more options, you can always ask your Mykonos concierge to help you search for beach bars, hotels, and restaurants you can visit. One of the most popular beach bars around is the Ftelia Beach Club, where you can chill and suntan while drinking the most delicious Greek frappe of your life near the water.

Chora is also filled with amazing restaurants that serve not only delicious Greek food but delicious caffeinated beverages as well. You can also take a walk around town and go into local shops to buy ground coffee, you’ll need it on your Mykonos yacht rental or in one of the Mykonos luxury villas you rented. It can also be a great souvenir.

Frappe at the beach

You need to have a delicious frappe on a sunbed near the water

Fly to Mykonos, Greece, if You Like Good Coffee With a Sea View

There are many wonderful things to do on the island, but there is something special to be said about drinking the most delicious frappe you’ve ever had while overlooking the sea. From hotels to countless cafes and restaurants, you’ll never be able to say you had a bad cup of coffee while you’re on this island. But the best cup you’ll have is on the terrace of your Mykonos villa if you contact The Ace VIP today and book one of our Mykonos villas for rental.