Are you getting ready for the greatest vacation of your life? You’ll soon relax in one of the best private villas in Mykonos, sip some delicious local wine, and look at the mesmerizing sunset. But if you are struggling to figure out what to bring home from Mykonos, we got you covered. The memories from this extravagant holiday should stay with you forever through the unique souvenirs you buy. We’ll let you in on the secret of what things are worth taking home.

#1 the Key Ingredient of the Traditional Greek Cuisine – Olives and Olive Oil

Greeks take pride in their olive oil production. Thanks to the climate, fertile soil, and the goddess Athena’s gift to Athens, they have been able to harvest the best quality olives, out of which they make their “liquid gold.” We recommend not leaving the destination without purchasing “extra virgin” olive oil and a packet of green and black olives.

Some of the most popular varieties of olives are Cretan green, Kalamata black, and Nafplion green. You’ll be astonished by the difference in the texture and taste of the Greek olives as opposed to other global brands. Additionally, their oil contains a certain freshness and fruitiness, which adds a special aroma and flavor.

Bowl being poured with yellow liquid

Don’t travel back home without purchasing Athena’s gift to Athens – olives

Buy Olive Oil Soap Before You Leave Greece

Greeks don’t just use olive oil in their cuisine but in the production of cosmetic products as well. If you go shopping around the main town, you will notice numerous stands inside different shops with colorful soaps made of olive oil. They are inexpensive yet great for face, body, and hair care. This soap can be used for all skin types since it is vegan, antioxidant-rich, and hypoallergenic.

Green soap bars on a plate

Handmade olive oil soap bars are unique and inexpensive souvenirs to purchase

#2 Look for Special Herbs, and Spices Greece Is Known For

When you get a chance to browse through different varieties of herbs and spices, you’ll realize just how many types Greeks sell on their markets. They are as important as olive oil in traditional Greek cuisine. You can elevate the taste of your food with fragrant and exotic herbs. Apart from being tasty and aromatic, they are also high quality and cheap in Greece. Therefore, you can imitate some of the dishes you eat at the best Greek restaurants at home with the help of herbs and spices. We recommend purchasing the following:

  • Greek saffron,
  • Cretan mountain tea,
  • Marjoram,
  • Red oregano,
  • Fennel,
  • Tarragon,
  • and Bay leaf.

#3 Bottles of the Best Spirits, Liqueurs, and Wine Make Amazing Souvenirs

Bottles of the best wine, liqueurs, or spirits are ideal gifts that your family members and friends will like. The most famous drink in Greece is Ouzo. Apart from the standard Ouzo, you will be able to find a shop selling Ouzo varieties with different flavors and fragrances on every corner.

Popular local drinks include tsipouro, tsikoudia, and raki. You can try some of them during outings to exciting clubs as well as in beach bars. Check out shops that sell souvenirs, you will most probably find bottles of different local drinks here.

When it comes to wines, the most popular varieties are Santo Wines Assyrtiko, Malagousia, Skouras Akres Rose, Estate Gaia Nemea, Timiopoulos Vineyards Terre et Ciel, and Akakies. What is more, it’s crucial to note that they match perfectly with different cuisines as well.

If you want to buy special types of liqueurs, we recommend first trying Tentura, Chios mastiha, and Kitro. Tentura is made by infusing rum or brandy with different herbs and spices, while Kitro is a delicious liquor from Naxos island that is prepared from citron leaves and neutral alcohol. Chios mastiha is probably the most authentic drink since it is made from resinous sap taken from the Schinias tree. This plant makes resin on Chios.

Red wine poured into a tall glass

Remember to enjoy some wine, spirits, and liqueurs in your Mykonos villa rental

#4 If You Are Looking for Handmade Souvenirs, Buy Unique Pieces of Clothing, Sandals, or Accessories

There are various shops with handmade clothing and accessories with traditional, authentic, and colorful patterns. The best pieces you can find are gold-embroidered jackets called Greek fez, flowy shirts, embroidered skirts, and aprons. A lightweight sarong is a great fashion piece that can be used as a beach cover-up when you go to the gorgeous Mykonian beaches.

Leather sandals and embroidered hats are a great addition to your souvenir list. When you travel through Greece, it’s easy to notice that leather sandals are worn by both women and men everywhere. Their leather sandals are a staple of the country since they are comfortable, soft, and durable. On the other hand, embroidered hats are great to have while lounging in one of the luxury villas in Mykonos.

Don’t Forget About Handmade Jewelry – Perfect Greek Souvenirs That Can Serve as a Gift for People You Are Related To

There are numerous types of handmade jewelry that can be found on the island. Special designs and colorful patterns that associate everyone with the charming island can be found in the Alefkandra district. Here you’ll be able to shop for things like necklaces, bracelets, and fantastic rings. In Chora – the main town, you can also find jewelry with semi-precious stones and silver at a low cost.

In case you are not sure how to get around the island, we recommend requesting help from your Mykonos concierge. They can book a private driver to take you from one of the Mykonos luxury villas to any place you’d like so you can go shopping.

Handmade bracelets and necklaces

Have your concierge Mykonos arrange for a driver to drive you to the main town

#5 Artwork – A Painting to Remind You of Your Incredible Vacation

Go through some of the shops in the narrow streets of the island and find inspiring artwork that can remind you of all the happy memories from this vacation. You could find many inexpensive paintings of the Aegean Sea, windmills, and breathtaking sunsets that are full of color and life.

The beauty of the destination would keep you reliving the fun you had on the Mykonos yacht rental, in one of the Mykonos villas for rental, in numerous restaurants, clubs, bars, and party beaches. Soon you’ll see yourself booking a stay in a Mykonos villa with a private pool for the next summer.

Paintings next to gold and silver trinkets

Buy a painting of the Aegean Sea, windmills, Little Venice, or Athens

Now You Know What to Bring Home From Mykonos – Start Preparing for Your Holiday

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