If you’re wondering whether you should rent a boat in Mykonos for a day or two during your stay, we’re here to tell you – that’s an excellent idea! Boats provide an excellent opportunity to discover this dreamy island and its entire coast while enjoying the exclusivity and lavishness of a fancy yacht. This will be the best decision you make during your stay on The Island of the Winds, as you will enjoy every moment to its fullest.

The peace of mind is guaranteed in the middle of the quiet and clean water of the Aegean Sea. You and your friends will get to enjoy the astonishing views as well as the deluxe facilities onboard. If you opt for Mykonos yacht rental offered by The Ace VIP, we can guarantee you professional staff who will provide complete assistance, support, guidance, and comfort during your whole journey.

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Rent a Boat in Mykonos – The Process Made Easy

There are many boat rental agencies working on Mykonos island that offer different boat types. To ensure you don’t end up with poor service, it’s good to do your research and choose the best rental agency – The Ace VIP. You do not need any license or other sailing documentation to rent a boat in Mykonos, as everything will be arranged and managed by our team at The Ace VIP when you book a boat.

The only thing you need to do is give us the information about the location and schedule of your planned sailing trip, and we will organize everything for you. Search no more! You can find the best boat rental options at our rental agency.

The Benefits of Renting a Private Boat in Mykonos

For people who want to enjoy the beautiful weather, sea, and magnificent landscape views without any interruption or crowds, renting a private, luxury boat is the best option. The whole ship will be booked for you and your friends or family – depending on your group size, there are various boats available.

The boats offered by The Ace VIP are more luxurious than your standard boat, and they come with plenty of exclusive features. Best Greek food, drinks, features such as a jacuzzi or spa, an experienced crew, and fabulous accommodation will be a part of your sailing experience. Our fleet features numerous different yacht models, so you will be able to choose from various options based on your needs, the number of people that will be sailing with you, and your budget.

Why Are Boat Trips a Great Way to Spend Your Time While in Mykonos

Boat trips on Mykonos yachts are one of the most incredible ways to enjoy the fantastic surroundings of this Greek island. You will find the boat trip is a unique experience that offers relaxation far away from the noisy environment – and we all know how noisy it can get on popular Mykonos beaches!

Boat trips in Mykonos can be more than just relaxing, of course – if you’re looking for different vacation options, don’t worry. There are other kinds of sailing trips – you can always throw a party on the boat and enjoy dancing with all your closest people till the dawn. Whatever tour you may end up like, rest assured it will be the most memorable time of your Mykonos vacation.

You Can Visit More Than Just Mykonos – Renting a Boat Gives You the Opportunity to Try Island Hopping

There are many amazing places around Mykonos that are worth visiting by boat. You can start your journey simply by exploring the coast of Mykonos for a while, and then proceed to check out the nearby islands – Mykonos is just one of several amazing Cycladic islands. The Aegean Sea will seem even more beautiful and full of charm when you look at it from your boat on the way to discover a new lovely island.

For example, many tourists enjoy visiting Paros and Naxos – these islands are an incredible addition to your Mykonos trip – we can guarantee that you’ll experience real happiness and peace of mind there. If you like Greek history, you may want to explore one of the most beautiful archaeological sites in the country – the small island of Delos. This one is quite close to Mykonos, so you can arrange a 1-day trip to explore Delos and be back to the Mykonos coast in the afternoon.

Booking One of the Party Boats in Mykonos

Want to party exclusively and uniquely to double the fun of your trip? Well, you can book party boats specifically for this purpose. All you need to do is get ready and get onboard the boat at the time you’ve booked it for. It will be an outstanding experience to find yourself dancing, singing, and enjoying the view of stunning Mykonos sunsets while feeling the strong wind that’s so common in Mykonos.

Of course, you can rent the perfect party boat by contacting The Ace VIP. Our team will help you choose the best yacht rental in Mykonos for your party, and we have experienced staff who will manage all the arrangements, from food and drinks to decorations.

You Can Opt for Various Different Boat Party Themes

You can adopt different party ideas to make your sailing experience unique and celebrate different moments in life. Choose among various boat party themes such as BBQ party, dance party, or anything else your heart desires. Our team will take care of all the preparations!

Mykonos Party Boat Rental
Rent a party boat in Mykonos and experience a whole new way of partying!

Why Just Party on the Boat? Book the Perfect Mykonos Villa Rental and Let the Party Go On

While boat parties are undoubtedly fun, there’s more to Mykonos than that – if you want to experience authentic Mykonos, we recommend renting one of the best private villas in Mykonos from the listings offered by The Ace VIP. From the most luxurious, modern villas to those that are more in Cycladic style, we have it all. Browse our selection of the best accommodation in Mykonos and choose the Mykonos villa that suits your style and needs. We’re here to help you organize the perfect trip – contact us today and let’s choose Mykonos villa rental for you together!