A view of the amazing Mykonian sunset while relaxing in a bubbling hot tub seems like a heavenly scenario. However, this is easily achievable – all you need is one of the luxury Mykonos villas with a jacuzzi. Situated in the enchanting Aegean Sea and embellished with traditional Cycladic architecture, the private villas in Mykonos offer all the essential amenities for an extraordinary summer vacation and can be even better than a hotel room.

A Gem of Elia Area, Villa Raft, Offers Guests the Luxury of Relaxing in a Jacuzzi

Villa Raft is one of the Greek villas in Mykonos that simply stands out. It is not adorned too much since it is designed in the traditional Greek style. The villa’s interior and exterior are completely white, which looks picturesque amidst the blue of the Aegean and the greenery on the property.

It’s in close proximity to Elia Beach. Everything inside and outside the property basks in golden light throughout the day. But, a truly idyllic atmosphere can be experienced in the outdoor area where the jacuzzi and the pool are located. From this point, you’ll be treated to a fantastic view of the Aegean Sea, the beach, and the nearby Cyclades. The bubbling water will soothe you during the day, while at night, you can rest by the cozy fireplace.

Experience a Cycladic Interior Style In This Mykonos Villa

The interior is crafted to offer guests a glimpse into Mykonian culture. Everything is minimalistic but artfully designed. There is a lot of room inside. There is a fully equipped kitchen and an elegant living room with a lot of space for numerous guests.

The charming large windows allow you to indulge in a breathtaking view of the island from everywhere. A blend of modern elegance and Cycladic tradition describes the interior completely. Also, there are five bedrooms and three bathrooms in this estate.

Exterior of Villa Raft
Here, you can spend time in a private hot tub, which might not be the case in a hotel room

Villa Marx is a Stunning Mykonos Villa With a Jacuzzi and an Infinity Pool

Villa Marx offers something completely different. It is a property steeped in luxury and elegance. Close to Ornos Beach and Mykonos Town, the Marx estate is a property that lies on a beautiful cliff. The exclusive guests can enjoy a fantastic view of the Aegean Sea during the Mykonian sunsets and sunrises. The jacuzzi is one of the features that elevate a stay in this kind of accommodation.

Picture yourself organizing a bachelor party or a birthday party since there is enough room for 12 guests who can all stay in the six available bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms. Swimming in the Infinity pool and the relaxation in the hot tub would make this event unforgettable.

Villa Marx
One of the most luxurious Mykonos villas for rent is the Marx estate

Enjoy a Boho-Style View of the Sunset From a Jacuzzi in Villa Swank

The boho-chic ambiance of Villa Swank creates an atmosphere of carefree relaxation, inviting you to unwind in style while a sunset unfolds before your eyes. Prepare for a romantic getaway to the Kanalia area, where you can put your mind at ease.

This is a charming yet mesmerizing property with a stunning outdoor hot tub where you can soak for hours and drink wine with your partner. Of course, inviting more friends is an option since there is room. There are three bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms.

The primary allure of the bohemian aesthetic is that it is perfect for taking Instagram photos while in Mykonos. This is a Mykonos villa rental that transcends the ordinary, offering an extraordinary setting.

Villa Swank outside
Pack your camera since you will have an opportunity to take glamorous photos!

Do You Want to Have A Spa Treatment While Indulging In a View of Mykonos From Bedroom Suites – Contact Your Mykonos Concierge

Imagine soaking in an aquatic, bubbling haven for an hour and then having a private spa treatment right on the outdoor patio of your estate or in your bedroom. You don’t have to take a ride and go to Mykonian spa places – just reach out to your concierge in Mykonos. They can arrange for a private spa treatment, beauty service, or massage in your boho-style Mykonian accommodation. Apart from this, other services are available, such as:

Villa Conte Offers Eight Bedrooms With En-Suite Bathrooms Apart From a Fabulous Jacuzzi

Villa Conte, in the Agios Lazaros area, can accommodate as many as 16 guests. This is one of the private ultra-luxury Mykonos villas that are suitable for hosting weddings and other important celebrations.

Even though the design of the property is minimalist, the style is contemporary as well as traditional. Everywhere you look, there are outstanding art pieces and high-quality white furniture with special details.

The hot tub is strategically placed in the most beautiful part of the property, and it provides a vast view of the blue Aegean Sea. Here, you can find privacy, a private infinity pool right next to your bed, and an original design. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to stay in one of the newest luxury villa rentals in Mykonos, unparalleled to any other villa or hotel room.

Hot tub in villa Conte
Picture yourself having breakfast in an infinity pool and enjoying a marvelous view

Escape the City Hustle and Bustle, and Select One of the Greek Villas in Mykonos and Reach Out to The Ace VIP Team

Now that you know what Mykonos villas for rental feature a hot tub, you can make your selection. The Ace VIP team rents stunning Mykonos luxury villas, so as soon as you find one, plan on booking it right away by reaching out to us. Make sure that other amenities are available and to your liking as well. Finally, ensure that you gain a better understanding of our concierge VIP services in Mykonos, yacht rental in Mykonos services, jet rentals, and car rentals. Once you get to Greece, contact us so we can elevate your stay.