The most popular Greek island in the Cyclades is Mykonos. Tourists from all over the world flock to this mesmerizing paradise to spend the summer. From celebrities to regular folks, everyone is crazy about this island. As a result of its popularity, there are many Mykonos tourist traps that some individuals indulge in while others try to stay away from, let’s reveal them.

Popular Attractions That Turn Into Mykonos Tourist Traps During Summer

The Island of the Winds is a truly beautiful spot in the Aegean Sea, and the incredible attractions make this destination one of a kind. Since there are a lot of authentic Mykonian restaurants, cozy shops, and charming architecture, some places attract a large number of people.

Popular streets and mesmerizing places turn into traps for travelers where you can see individuals taking Instagram photos non-stop, all day. So while trying to admire the scenic surroundings, you’ll also have to be careful so you don’t photobomb someone’s photo shooting session.

The Picturesque Little Venice

This part of the island is extremely beautiful because of the waterfront view and the colorful buildings. Every restaurant and bar right on the shore is packed with people throughout the summer, and their prices can get expensive.

Going to Little Venice during peak season might not be for individuals who want to avoid crowds. However, the entire experience is much more relaxing and tranquil if you visit it during the off-season. Another option is to go clubbing in one of the bars in Little Venice, such as Scarpa Bar, and stay until the wee hours when you can experience the area without crowds.

Woman with a hat looking at Little Venice

The best time to travel to Greece and visit Little Venice is when there are not a lot of tourists

Matogianni Street Where There Are Always New Stores to Be Explored

Are you interested in a luxurious shopping spree on The Island of the Winds? There is nothing more exciting than coming back to one of the luxury villas in Mykonos with a dozen shopping bags. For this purpose, most tourists go to the famous Matogianni Street, where they enjoy the luxury, prohibitive prices, and allure of traditional architecture.

It can get quite overwhelming and buzzing with people during summer since the cobbled street is narrow. So, if you want to enjoy a pleasant shopping experience, just avoid visiting this place during peak season or go early as soon as the shops open.

A small street in Chora

If you want to take pictures in Matogianni Street, go there during the afternoon hours

Famous Mykonian Windmills Are on Every Tourist’s Itinerary

Everyone is eager to pose for a photograph in front of the iconic Mykonian windmills. It’s true, they are a staple of the island, and they are legendary. However, too many people trying to capture the sunset photo in front of the Greek windmills can be irritating.

Also, nearby are tourist-oriented shops that spoil the fun. So if one of the private villas in Mykonos you are staying at is nearby, go on an early run and visit them during sunrise when it’s peaceful.

Mykonian windmills during sunrise

We’ve got news for you – Mykonian windmills are equally beautiful early in the morning

Super Paradise Beach Is Thought to Be Overrated During Summer Because of the Crowds

The vibrant and lively Super Paradise Beach is undeniably mesmerizing and a whole experience on its own. This sandy beach attracts the most visitors during the summer months because of the clubs that play cool music, serve colorful cocktails, and guarantee a hype atmosphere.

It’s said that due to all of these reasons, prices for beach services, food, and drink can get pretty high. But, hey, it’s all for good fun. In case you wish to sunbathe and just relax on a quieter beach, avoid the crowded Super Paradise Beach.

Alternative Beaches You Will Like Are Fokos, Agios Sostis, and Merchia

If loud beach bars and clubs are not your thing, we recommend seeking luxury and peace on secret beaches such as Merchia, Fokos, and Agios Sostis. Since these charming places are off the beaten path, locals usually come here to spend their beach days.

These beaches offer relaxation without any pressure to spend a dime. Our tip is to rent a private yacht rental in Mykonos and sail to one of these beaches for a day.

Fokos beach on Mykonos

A couple can organize a perfect romantic beach date on one of the secret Mykonain beaches

At Cavo Paradiso Club, You’ll Find Everything Except a Laid-Back Party Atmosphere

Legendary stories have come from the most popular Mykonian club, Cavo Paradiso. Celebrities, tourists, and people looking for great fun have come to party here. While the club is known for hiring international DJs and organizing unforgettable parties, it is extremely crowded during the summer months, which intensifies if popular events are organized. It caters mostly to tourists, and it should be avoided if you want to party in a laid-back atmosphere.

A girl at a party

There are a plethora of club options nearby luxury villa rentals in Mykonos

As a Tourist Looking for an Authentic Mykonian Vibe, Go to Clubs That Are Hidden Gems

Even though Cavo Paradiso might not be everyone’s cup of tea, there are still various places that are not so tourist-oriented and don’t attract many individuals to their parties. They are still amazing places, in good locations, close to many Mykonos villas for rent, and where you can party until sunrise. Here are some options you can choose among:

  • Astra, a club in Mykonos Town,
  • Moni Club in Agia Anna Beach,
  • Void in the Mykonian Town,
  • Jackie O’ on Super Paradise Beach.

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