If you’re planning on popping the most important question to your loved one in a unique place, Mykonos is the right destination. It’s filled with a romantic atmosphere and picturesque settings, which is perfect for engagement. There are plenty of Mykonos proposal ideas that you can consider to make that moment the most memorable one of your life. Here are some ideas that will make your partner melt.

#1 A Dream Mykonos Proposal With a Stunning View

When thinking about romantic settings, the sunset is definitely the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind. This destination is known for its picturesque spots that offer the most astonishing views of the horizon.

There are plenty of beautiful corners on the island, which can be a perfect place for getting down on your knees and asking for the hand of your loved one. Some of the biggest attractions are situated in Chora, and they all offer incredible views of the Aegean Sea.

Which Location on the Island Has the Best Views?

Even though this destination has plenty of Instagram spots that offer astonishing views, some of them really do stand out by their beauty and are perfect for proposals. If you want to propose looking over the most incredible panoramic views, here are some suggestions:

  • Boni’s Windmill,
  • Viewpoint near Sunset Bar in Chora,
  • Little Venice,
  • Paraportiani Church,
  • Porto Mykonos Balcony
  • Kastro’s Restaurant

#2 Book a Private Mykonos Villa for a Surprise Engagement Party

Because this island is so famous, its streets are often filled with crowds during the season. To some people, it may be problematic to get on one knee and share a special moment with strangers passing by.

If you want a more intimate engagement, consider some romantic hotels or even book one of many private villas in Mykonos. Most of them are designed for special events and have special chapels for you to surprise your partner with. You can invite your friends and family to create a memorable party.

There Are Plenty of Mykonos Luxury Villas to Choose From

There are many luxury Mykonos villas for rental that you can book for this occasion. Depending on your ideas and how many people you wish to invite, you can select the one that suits you best. Mykonos luxury villas can accommodate many guests and have all the amenities to provide you and your loved ones with the most fantastic party ever.

Private villa in Mykonos

Private villas usually have the best views over the horizon

#3 Show Your Love by Proposing on a Gorgeous Beach in the Evening

There are plenty of beautiful beaches with crystal clear water and golden sand, which can be used as a setting for this particular moment. These beaches give off the feeling of being in paradise on Earth and can be a memorable setting for a proposal. There are plenty of ways to make that beach engagement super unique and make your partner fall in love with you even more.

How to Plan a Beach Proposal?

When discussing beach proposals, forget about proposing on crowded beaches during the day. This place has plenty of secluded beaches with fewer people, where you can create a gorgeous setting that will help you with the entire atmosphere.

Go for an evening walk to some hidden beach on the island, and pop the question by a mesmerizing sunset over the horizon. You can even organize some specially designed props on the beach to make things even more fairytale-like. Think about candles, flowers, or a dinner table.

Couple on a beach in Mykonos

What can be more romantic than proposing during beach sunset?

#4 An Idyllic Proposal on the Water

Imagine proposing to your partner in the middle of the Aegean Sea next to the mesmerizing Cycladic islands. This can be a unique experience that you will cherish for a lifetime. It can easily be arranged by renting a yacht and cruising around nearby islands, uncovering the hidden beauty of Greece.

You can choose a perfect yacht and plan a tour together with the captain. The boat crew will be at your service to help you make this moment extraordinary and prepare the drinks and food you wish. You can even organize a perfect Santorini and Mykonos trip to make the day more memorable and adventurous.

Couple cruising with a boat over the Cyclades

Pop the question in the middle of the Aegean Sea

#5 Book a Helicopter Ride for the Special Day

If you really want to go over the top and surprise your significant other with a unique proposal that’s hard to say no to, then consider booking a helicopter tour above Mykonos. This is a unique opportunity to experience the island from a different perspective and make some unforgettable memories.

If you like being extravagant, different, and making every day special, then there is no better way to propose than on a helicopter ride above the Aegean Sea. It will be a day to remember for sure, but this way, it will be even more special and magical. Don’t forget to take some cool photos to capture those moments forever.

Couple on a boat in Mykonos

Book a photographer to make your proposal photos perfect

If You Need Help With Mykonos Proposal Ideas, Contact The Ace VIP Team

When planning important events, it’s always helpful to have help from professionals. The Ace VIP specializes in planning luxurious holidays and offers incredible concierge services. Our team will be at your service whether you’re considering some Mykonos villas for rental or booking a luxury yacht. We will do our best to fulfill any request you may have with your special occasion. Contact us today, and let’s start planning your ideal romantic getaway to Mykonos.