When going to a beautiful Greek island like this, you must be wondering what to visit first and what are all the gorgeous spots you shouldn’t miss. Lia Beach Mykonos is definitely one of the island’s highlights. You simply won’t be able to resist its warm sand surrounded by sparkling Mediterranean sea as well as many convenient amenities.

Mykonos Is Home to Many Amazing Places and Beautiful Beaches You Have to Discover

Is this your first time visiting Greece, and you wonder what to do in Mykonos? Don’t worry, you can easily find plenty of fun things to do around this gorgeous place, no matter what time you visit it. Apart from many incredible amenities, exclusive restaurants, trendy shopping places, and nightclubs, many people don’t know that Mykonos is also home to plenty of beautiful beaches. This might be a big surprise because the natural beauties of this destination are often in the shadow of its party island reputation.

Mykonos isn’t a very big island, but despite that, it is home to over 30 very popular beaches. Most of them are spacious enough and feature many amazing amenities. The good thing about this place is that you can easily reach any of the popular spots in a short time. If you have trouble catching a taxi or waiting for public transportation, renting a private vehicle might be perfect. This will help you have the freedom to explore many hidden beauties, including the famous Lia Beach.

Girl in a white dress, holding a glass of white wine

This popular Greek destination offers numerous amenities, so ensure you check them all if you’re lucky enough to travel here

How to Get to Lia Beach, Mykonos?

Want to find out how to get to fantastic Lia Beach? This place is located about 12 km away from the main town in the east direction. Getting there with your private vehicle might be the easiest option. There is no public transportation that can take you to this beach, but you can also get there by taxi or motorbike. If you look at the Mykonos map, you’ll see that Lia is located on the eastern side of the island. Once you reach the east part of the island by following directions on the map, road signs will guide you to the beach precisely.

Girl lying on the sand while a wave is approaching

Catch a taxi or rent a private vehicle – just follow our guide, and you won’t get lost on your way to this great place

What’s So Special About This Place?

This is one of the top-rated beaches around here, and one of the biggest reasons for that is that it’s still exclusive and sort of private because it’s not so overcrowded by tourists. It is a secluded beach where you can comfortably enjoy your time and relax by the sea at any time of the day. If you compare it with other beaches, you’ll notice there is no other place that offers this kind of combination of solitude, crystal-clear blue water, soft sand, and great restaurants like Lia.

What About Water Sports? Swimming and Snorkeling Are Always an Option

Another amazing fact that makes this place, so supreme is that it is a bit protected from the winds and surrounded by beautiful rocky hills. The sea here is perfect for scuba diving, snorkeling, and other kinds of water activities.

This Beach Is Great for Families as Well

Although it is popular among young adults and party people, Lia is also a very family-friendly location. You can take your kids here for a snorkeling adventure and enjoy a delicious lunch at some of the most popular restaurants in this area. If you’re, on the other hand, coming here to party and visit some of the popular beach clubs and experience the finest atmosphere, visiting Liasti Beach Bar might be the right choice.

Lia Is Not Among the Beaches Where Nudism Is Popular

There are no official nude beaches on Mykonos, but there are some beaches where nudity is optional. Lia is not among them, so if you would like to find a location where this is more acceptable, you should visit Elia or Kapari.

Lia Beach Mykonos

This attractive spot is ideal no matter if you want to relax or stay active when you travel to Mykonos, Greece

Lea Beach Is Secluded, So You Can Enjoy Exploring Its Surroundings

The natural landscapes surrounding this place are very picturesque and wild-looking, so feel free to explore them if you have an adventurous spirit. Overall this beach is considered quiet for Mykonos, so it can be your peaceful oasis, away from the town’s noise and busyness. It is still well organized with comfortable sunbeds, parasols, showers, and changing rooms, so you’ll have everything you need for a comfortable day under the warm Greek sun.

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You can have the best time having snorkeling tours around its rocky coast

If You Like This Area, Consider Renting a Mykonos Villa Close to It

For those who like to spend their nights in peace, away from loud parties and crowds of tourists, staying in one of Mykonos villas in this area can be a perfect choice. You can choose some of the hotels or other affordable accommodation options if you’re visiting Mykonos on a budget, but if you want to ensure you have a real superstar vacation renting one of the most exclusive private villas in Mykonos is the way to go. This will ensure you and your friends and family have the most memorable vacation. If you want to explore the fantastic beaches and experience them from a whole other perspective, renting a yacht can be another interesting option – The Ace Vip is here to make all your dreams come true.