If you wish to experience the true Mykonian party spirit, you have to be prepared to have multiple hangovers during the vacation. Luckily, we know how to cure a hangover on Mykonos, and it doesn’t have to spoil the fun of lounging in one of the luxury Mykonos villas, yachts, and beaches during the day. Find out all the tips in our blog.

The Immediate Therapy Needs to Be Drinking a Lot of Water

The physically draining night out in one of the best Mykonian clubs will not only leave you with little energy, but the alcohol you drank all night will dehydrate your body as well. As soon as you wake up in one of the Greek villas in Mykonos, have a glass of water. Keep replenishing fluids throughout the day, and try to relax in the shade.

We recommend lounging by the pool in one of the luxury villas in Mykonos and having a light traditional Greek breakfast as well. Apart from water, your body would benefit from fresh fruit juice, which is known as a restorative drink for this situation.

View of a pool and the Aegean Sea from a Mykonos villa

Book one of the stunning Mykonos villas for rental that have a pool so you can relax in peace

Here’s How to Cure a Hangover on Mykonos With Food – Eat a Nutritious Lunch

After having the afternoon all to yourself and spending it in the serenity and peace of one of the private villas in Mykonos, head out to Mykonain town for a nutritious lunch that will provide you with minerals and vitamins to get your energy back and prepare you for the night ahead.

We recommend ordering foods that are gentle on the stomach and that will provide you with a nice balance of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Gyros might not be the most ideal option in this situation. The best meals to order on the Mykonian menu are:

  • Kotosoupa – a Greek chicken soup,
  • Fasolada – a traditional soup prepared with dried white beans,
  • Risotto with tomatoes and feta cheese,
  • Pasta dishes,
  • Greek salad,
  • Greek baked orzo,
  • Chickpea soup.

In case you find a soup called Pastas on the restaurant’s menu, make sure that you order it. It is the Greek hangover cure that is a traditional soup that can revive weary souls. Pastas is known for its soothing properties, offering hydration, vitamins, and minerals that can help alleviate annoying symptoms.

Table full of food

The best treatment for a Mykonos hangover is the nourishing Greek cuisine

What Are the Best Restaurants You Can Have a Delicious Lunch At? Check Out the Menu on a Restaurant’s Website

The island offers a wide variety of Mykonos villas for rent, but it doesn’t lack in different dining options that cater to different tastes as well. It’s a good idea to find a taverna or a Greek restaurant that serves hydrating and refreshing options along with a relaxed atmosphere. Some of the best options when suffering from the aftereffects of partying are:

  • Noa Greek Restaurant,
  • M-eating,
  • Mamalouka,
  • Nikolas’ Tavern,
  • Kadena,
  • Koukoumi.

A Headache Is Ruining Your Vacation in Greece? Take Over-The-Counter Medication

Having a headache and feeling nauseous even after drinking lots of water and eating can spoil the fun of spending time on a gorgeous secret Mykonian beach or sunbathing on a yacht rental in Mykonos. There is no reason to get frustrated and think that the vacation in Greece is ruined. There’s no need to consider going home and searching for ferries to take you to Athens. The best thing to do in this case is to take some medication.

We recommend taking aspirin, ibuprofen, and NSAIDs which would alleviate achy feelings. It’s important to note that the WebMD website advises against using Tylanos since it can cause liver damage when combined with alcohol. Also, if you are still feeling unwell after taking the pills, it’s advisable to take a rain check on partying that night.

Woman holding a glass of water and a pill

OTC medication can help with persistent headaches and nausea

Reboot in a Mykonian Spa or Wellness Center

One of the greatest remedies when feeling your energy waning is resting. However, your body can recuperate much faster if you head to the Mykonian spas and spend the day getting massages from expert therapists.

There are many wellness and spa centers where you can get the perfect therapy for your body as well as the mind. Go to Six Senses Mykonos Spa Centers, The Ciel Mykonos Spa, or Kensho Cave Spa. Contact your concierge in Mykonos and have a day in the spa center scheduled.

Or, Arrange for a Masseur or Masseuse to Come to Your Private Mykonos Villa Rental

If you have booked one of the luxury villa rentals in Mykonos, then there is no need to go to other locations. All that needs to be done is have a Mykonos concierge arrange for a masseur or masseuse to come and provide you with special treatments of your face, hair, and body, which primarily include health and beauty procedures. Some of the villas that have massage rooms are Villa Donna, Villa Miller, and Villa Adams, while Villa Cooper and Villa Moore have hammams.

Man and woman getting a massage

After a great massage, you’ll feel like a new person ready to hit the town again

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