Are you looking forward to spending time relaxing in one of the Mykonos villas for rental? The excitement about your trip to the most beautiful island in Greece doesn’t have to be overshadowed by the thought of motion sickness. Our guide on how to avoid seasickness on your next cruise can be of great help before you travel to the destination. We recommend implementing all of the tips so you can focus on having fun on cruises.

What Causes Motion Sickness and Who Is Most Likely to Get It?

Motion sickness is the term used for people who experience nausea when they travel and get carsick, airsick, and seasick. Apart from nausea, the symptoms include vomiting and cold sweats. It happens to people because the brain cannot comprehend the information being sent from the body, eyes, and ears.

When there is a lot of motion on a cruise, some people feel clammy and queasy. Anyone can be affected by this condition. However, children and women are considered to be most commonly seasick. The factors like inner ear disorders, migraines, pregnancy, and hormonal birth control increase the risk of getting seasick.

Woman on a boat watching the sea

When the brain can’t determine if you are moving or stationary on the sea, you get seasick

Are There Any Remedies That Would Help You Deal With the Condition?

If you’ve already come aboard a ship, boat, or Mykonos yacht rental and the symptoms start causing problems, there is a treatment that can help you manage the condition. You can either take Antihistamines, which are used for treating allergies. The symptoms will become less severe. The other option is to use Scopolamine oral pills or skin patches that prevent vomiting and nausea.

It’s most effective after you stick it behind your ear for a couple of hours before you travel. Cruises can be more manageable if you pack these remedies for the trip. Without worrying about motion sickness, you can focus more on the upcoming vacation in Mykonos and all that you will get to do on the island.

View of the sea from a cruise ship

Bring antihistamines and Scopolamine oral pills with you when you board a cruise ship

Tips on How to Avoid Seasickness on Your Next Cruise – Prevent the Problem Easily

There are a couple of simple things you can try to prevent getting sick on your cruise. The most important thing is to come prepared for the trip. Therefore, a great thing to do is to research a bit before you travel to Mykonos. We can provide you with a couple of tips that have helped most tourists.

Spend Time in the Middle Part of the Cruise Ship

The motion sickness will be worse if you just stand by the handrail or close to it. The seesawing and swaying are mostly felt in these parts of the ship. If you go to the middle part of the ships, you’ll notice a huge difference, and it will be possible to get used to the swaying on the sea a little bit. If you have to reserve a cabin, make sure that your cabin is closer to the middle of the front of the ship.

Drink Water and Eat Before Going on New Cruises

It might seem that it isn’t logical to eat food or drink water before the cruise since you might get sick and vomit. However, this is not true. Staying hydrated is not only related to getting seasick. If you vomit on the ship, you might become dehydrated, and your blood pressure could drop, causing serious risks. However, the point is to sip your water slowly.

When it comes to food, make sure you have a light snack before departure. It will ease your nervousness, and eating every couple of hours is good as well. The only thing you need to stay away from is acidic, fatty, and spicy food. We recommend a traditional Greek dish like Greek salad which is a nutritious yet simple option after which you’ll feel full.

Greek salad, fries, and olive oil

Eating and drinking water an hour or two before cruising is not counterproductive

Sleep and Rest Before the Trip, So You Don’t Experience Seasickness

We all know that the anxiety before the upcoming trip can be overwhelming. The thought of strolling down Mykonos towns or partying in the best nightclubs as well as sunbathing on sandy pet-friendly beaches, can keep you up all night. But, if you arrive completely exhausted and board your ship tired, the symptoms of motion sickness will be worse. We recommend drinking a warm beverage you like and going to sleep early so you are well-rested before you travel.

Practice Breathing Deeply and Slowly

Keep yourself relaxed before going on cruises. The best way to do this is to control your breathing. At first, you might think nothing of it, but it can slow down your heart rate and ease any potential symptom onboard. We recommend beginning by breathing in through your nose and slowly exhaling through your mouth. Make sure that every exhale and inhale lasts long so that the body and mind can adjust to traveling by sea.

Closeup photo of a woman

Apart from having a good night’s sleep, breathing deeply and slowly will help you as well

Now That You Know What to Do, You Can Relax and Enjoy Cruising

As you can see, preventing seasickness is not that complicated. There is medication and techniques that are tremendously helpful. You’ll see how everything quickly changes, and you’ll feel better. Therefore, try not to miss going on private yachts and enjoying boat tours and cruises around the island. We recommend booze cruises and cruises to nearby Cyclades. You can contact your Mykonos concierge to book you a place on one. The best cruises are:

  • From Mykonos: Delos & Rhenia Islands Boat Trip with BBQ,
  • Mykonos: Catamaran Cruise with 3 Course Meal and Transfers,
  • Mykonos: Luxury Catamaran Cruise with Lunch & Drinks.

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