When it comes to preparing for a summer vacation, most people start by planning what to pack. However, we thought that it might be more useful to also think about what not to pack for a Mykonos vacation. Reading through this article and informing yourself on which items are completely unnecessary for the trip might help you pack more efficiently for your upcoming trip to this famous Cycladic island.

What Not to Pack for a Mykonos Vacation? Let’s Make a List

At first, packing for a vacation might seem like a super easy task. All you have to do is just pick your favorite summer outfits, travel essentials, and all other things you think you will need during your stay and throw them all into your suitcase. However, that’s actually not a good idea.

For example, when packing like this, you can easily fall into the trap of bringing way too many things, some of which could be completely unnecessary and useless, like a pair of jeans. That is why informing yourself a little bit more about the destination you are traveling to and figuring out ahead of time what you should and shouldn’t pack will help you stay much more organized and efficient.

A Travel Packing List Will Be Super Useful for Organization

One of the best tips about packing for any kind of trip is making a list. Checklists like this can help you stay more organized and figure out the best way to pack and prepare for your travel adventure. With this kind of organization, the chances of forgetting something important or perhaps bringing useless items are quite small.

Packing list

A packing list is always helpful when you’re preparing for a beach vacation

You Don’t Need Uncomfortable Footwear and Too Many Clothing Pieces

When preparing the luggage for your vacation on Mykonos, start by thinking about your travel itinerary and all the fun activities you want to try. This will help you plan your outfits the best way possible and avoid carrying too many clothes that you won’t end up wearing.

Plus, it would be great if you could pack in a small carry-on because you can also book a cheaper flight to Greece and save up some money. How you will pack and prepare for your holiday has a lot to do with how successful the entire trip will be.

Forget About Heels and Uncomfortable Sandals in Greece

If you are planning on attending some evening events and partying in famous clubs, you will probably want to pack a lot of clothes for special occasions, including your favorite pair of high heel shoes. However, the streets of Chora and nearby towns don’t go hand in hand with uncomfortable heels.

Actually, wearing high heel shoes for walking over the pebble stone streets could result in some bruises and scars, and that’s not the type of souvenir you want to bring home from Greece. It’s best to leave all uncomfortable shoes and sandals at home and bring something you can conveniently travel and walk in.

Any Dress or Shirt That’s Not Made From Natural Materials Should Stay Home

When it comes to packing summer clothes for vacation, try to focus on pieces made of natural materials. Cotton and linen are great choices for the Mediterranean climate. Any material that feels too artificial, like polyester or nylon, can be quite irritating to wear and cause you to sweat a lot more. So if you have any pieces of clothing that contain polyester, no matter how good they look, they shouldn’t come with you.

A pair of slippers and a jeans shorts

Bring and wear only clothing pieces that are comfortable and chic

Packing Your Most Expensive Pieces Is Not Something That’s Recommended

This place is known for being the most popular party island, where dozens of celebrities and A-listers come to enjoy their summer days in the most exclusive Mykonos luxury villas. However, if you are a tourist, we highly recommend not bringing your most expensive pieces, like designer bags and authentic jewelry, with you.

No matter how much you want to show them off in the best restaurants and exclusive beach clubs, worrying about losing them during travel is simply not worth it. During the season’s peak, islands in Greece can get pretty crowded with thousands of people on the streets, and pickpockets are often among them. Not to mention there’s always a chance of your travel luggage getting lost. So instead of risking losing your favorite luxury pieces, simply don’t pack them for the trip.

Beach bag and a book with a camera on the sand

Choose a simple beach bag over some expensive designer piece

Don’t Bring Electronics You Might Already Have in Your Mykonos Villa

Once you choose which hotel suite or perhaps private Mykonos villa you are going to book for the trip, inform yourself about all the things you will have at your disposal. For example, some of the amenities you can typically expect to find in some of the best Mykonos villas for rent are:

  • Kitchen facilities,
  • TV with cable,
  • Hair dryer,
  • Essential toiletries,
  • Towels,
  • Bed sheets.

It’s not necessary to bring something you’ll already have at your disposal. In case there is something extra you need, you can request it through your Mykonos concierge, so there’s no need for overpacking.

Private Mykonos villa

Consult with your concierge on Mykonos about everything you might need additionally

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