Greece is a country known for its rich culture, where having fun with your friends and family is greatly appreciated. Greeks love their nights out filled with laughter, good drinks, some delicious food, music, and of course – dance. So, here’s a guide on traditional Greek dances you should know about if you’re planning to travel to the Island of the Winds and party with the locals.

Why Are Traditional Greek Dances So Important in This Sunny Country?

The Greeks are very proud of their heritage and culture, and traditional Greek folk dances are no exception. For centuries, these have been a sacred tradition, performed on the most special occasions, such as weddings or festivals. They tie a community together and help maintain the national spirit throughout the years.

Each region and island in Greece has developed its own unique interpretations and choreographies, and it is believed that there are over 10,000 versions honored in Greece. So, here are the most popular and significant versions of a traditional Greek dance you should know about before your next visit to Mykonos.

Sirtaki Put Greek Dances on the Map in Europe – It’s the Most Popular Dance

Sirtaki is by far the most famous dance among tourists, as it was created back in the 1960s specifically for a popular movie – Zorba the Greek. This dance is a combination of hasaposerviko and hasapiko main steps – it has a fast pace and is danced in a circle or line.

Here Are Some Tips for Learning the National Dance of Greece – Kalamatianos

Just like moussaka is the national dish, kalamatianos is considered to be the national dance of Greece. It’s incredibly old and even mentioned in Homer’s ancient writings. It’s danced in a circle, with people holding hands, and the steps are not difficult to remember.

Learn the Love Dance – Sousta

Sousta is more of a love proclamation than a dance. It’s very personal and sensual, and it’s danced between a man and a woman facing each other, holding hands and following a series of small repetitive steps. The history of sousta starts off in Crete as a love dance, and it’s one of the most beautiful and popular dances.

Tsifteteli Is Best Left to the Experienced Dancers

While most dances can be picked up in a few hours, the popular tsifteteli dance is not that easy to learn. It’s a sensual dance that is originally from the Middle East but has made its way into Greece. It’s a specific belly dancing style that is very difficult to learn, and it’s one of the most popular shows and attractions performed by women on Greek nights.

Woman dancing
Tsifteteli is a popular belly dance

Where Can You Go Dance the Night Away While Screaming OPA? Experience the Iconic Greek Nights

While Mykonos is known for the world’s best clubs and the hottest beach bars, those are not really places where you will be able to show off your traditional dancing skills. Instead of the world’s most trendy DJs, you will want to look for traditional Greek music. So, there is really only one place you should considerlocal tavernas that host the legendary Greek nights.

These nights sum up all the best things about Greek culture – there is delicious Greek food, everybody is drinking the national drink of Greece known as ouzo, there is usually live entertainment, singers, dancers, the tradition of breaking plates, and everyone is friendly, having a great time, and yelling OPA!

Most importantly, various traditional dances are always a part of these nights, so it’s the perfect opportunity to try out your dancing skills and connect with locals. Sitting is frowned upon, and guests are encouraged to get out onto the floor and dance or even join the performers on stage. The taverna really puts up a memorable show that will be the highlight of your entire trip.

Mykonos has, of course, modernized this tradition a bit, and you can experience it in places like the Hippie Fish or Blue Myth restaurant in Platys Gialos. If you want to practice before going on stage with the performers, here are the three most popular dances on Greek nights:

  • Sirtaki,
  • The tsifteteli,
  • And the kalamatianos.

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