When you’re on vacation, all you want to do is enjoy yourself and rest. Sometimes, that means you just want to chill in your luxury Mykonos villa rental and eat some good food instead of going to a restaurant. So here are the best take-out restaurants in Mykonos for when you feel like avoiding table service during your travel.

Here Are the 10 Best Take Out Restaurants in Mykonos if You Don’t Feel Like Dining in

A vacation on an island is supposed to be fun, romantic, and exciting, especially when you’re visiting Mykonos. You’re supposed to go to the great beaches, do some fun summer activities, and at the end of the day – get dressed up, go out for a nice dinner, and eat some mouth-watering Mykonos food.

However, sometimes you just don’t want table service and eating in a crowded restaurant.  And let’s be honest, we would all choose to spend our lunch break eating in one of the fabulous  Mykonos villas for rental instead of a busy place. The view is undoubtedly better, and you don’t have to call up your Mykonos concierge and ask him to try to make reservations for you, which is sometimes impossible.

So, whether you got stood up and can’t get a reservation for the evening anywhere, or you simply want to take your meal with you and eat it in peace by the pool of your villa or on a sunbed at the beach while watching a gorgeous sunset, here are the top 10 take out spots on the island.

A table in a taverna on Mykonos

There are many great Greek restaurants that offer takeout

Cosmo Cafe in Chora Is Great for Breakfast and Coffee

If you’re in the mood for some great coffee and a quick bite, visit Cosmo cafe. They’re located in Chora, and this is the address: Axioti street. Cosmo is known for great espresso, sandwiches, pastries, and different small appetizers. They’re an ideal place for brunch, and they offer many vegan options. Their prices are very reasonable, so it’s the perfect start to your day and a perfect place to grab breakfast or brunch and take it to the beach with you.

Start Your Day at the Liberty Breakfast Room

If you want more than a simple cup of coffee, but you’re getting tired of the traditional Greek breakfast, take a trip to the Liberty Breakfast Room. They have amazing breakfast and brunch options, and although the prices are a bit higher than average, the portions are big, and it’s truly a treat and a way to spoil yourself while you’re on vacation. It’s located a bit outside of Chora, so it would be smart to rent a car and take a short trip.

D’Angelo Is a Great Option for Takeout Dinner in Mykonos Town

Chora has a lot more to offer than just breakfast. If you’re in the mood for some fine dining without the table service part, get takeout from D’Angelo’s and enjoy amazing Italian food such as fresh pasta and pizza. It’s another way to enjoy Mediterranean cuisine other than all the seafood. The prices are a bit on the higher side, but the quality makes up for it. It’s located in Chora, and it’s the go-to spot if you get a craving for pasta.

A taverna by the sea

Chora is filled with great takeout places

If You Want to Eat the Best Gyros on the Island – Go to Sakis Grill

When you’re staying on a Greek island, and you want to get takeout and eat a quick lunch somewhere, the first thing that pops into your mind is gyros. It’s the perfect solution to any problem. Sakis grill in Chora is the perfect place to get one at any time. They also serve souvlaki, if you want the full menu go to their website: sakisgrill.com. The menu is not just on the site, it’s also on their Facebook page.

Indian Palace Is the Obvious Choice if You’re Craving Indian Cuisine

After a while, you might get tired of Greek cuisine and gyros and want to switch things up. If you have a craving for some Indian comfort dishes, there is no better place to go than Indian Palace. Get some takeout, go to your Mykonos villa, and enjoy the delicious chicken biryani and garlic naan bread.

Appaloosa Offers Mexican Takeout in the Heart of Chora

If you’re ever in the mood for some tacos or enchiladas while you’re on the island of the winds, you can get delicious Mexican dishes from Appaloosa and take it to go. It’s very close to wherever you’re staying since it’s in the center of Chora, and the prices are very affordable.

Indian food on a plate

If you’re craving Indian cuisine, go to Indian Palace

Agrari Beach Bar Has a Great Mediterranean Menu

If you’re looking for upscale, authentic Greek food you can take with you and enjoy in one of the private villas in Mykonos, look no further than Agrari Beach Bar. It’s located in Agrari Beach Hotel, so it is a bit more expensive than a regular taverna, but the dishes are exceptional, and you can also take a bottle of wine with you.

Anios Beachfront Restaurant – Italian Take Out Right on the Beach

If you happen to be suntanning on Platis Gialos and you want to eat some good pasta for takeout, Anios Beachfront is a great option. They also offer delicious local dishes if you’re in the mood for a good moussaka – the national dish of Greece.

Lunch with the sea view

Restaurants on the beach offer great takeout options

If You Want Sushi – Go to Tokyo Joe

Tokyo Joe is the island’s go-to place for sushi and sashimi. It’s so good and fresh that the locals try to keep the place hidden. Their prices are average, and the sushi is great. So, if you’re a lover of Japanese cuisine, you must visit Tokyo Joe.

Mediterraneo Also Makes Great Takeout Sushi

Mediterraneo is a great place to get takeout from because its menu offers everything from pizza and pasta to sushi, and everything is delicious. You can check it out on Facebook. It’s a great place to go if you feel like trying a bit of everything. The prices are reasonable, and the location is good – it’s in Chora.

Sushi platter

You can get excellent takeout sushi on the island

Book One of the Luxury Villas Mykonos Has to Offer and Enjoy Your Meal

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