The coronavirus pandemic has made traveling a bit difficult. Some countries still require tourists to show proof of vaccination when they arrive in the country. If you are wondering what happens if you test positive for COVID while traveling around the Cyclades, you are in the right place. You should know that Greece has eased the rules and regulations regarding the pandemic, so you can still make the most of your vacation after the symptoms disappear.

Do You Need to Self-Isolate? Here’s What to Do if You Test Positive While in Mykonos

The worst has happened – you have coronavirus. But do you know what to do if you test positive for COVID while traveling? Instead of relaxing in the sun, you have to think about your health now. The first thing you need to do is compose yourself and not despair. Greece has new and less strict rules regarding the pandemic.

Travelers are not required to show proof of vaccination or negative tests upon entering the country. However, if you get coronavirus during your vacation on Mykonos, you are obliged to abide by Greece’s current rules. You need to quarantine for five days from the day that you received a positive test.

If the symptoms subside after five days and you don’t have a fever, you can end isolation and continue visiting Mykonian attractions, sandy beaches, beach bars, clubs, and the Mykonian towns or go on yacht rental on Mykonos.

Can You Travel Back Home Right Away if You Are Worried About Your Health?

You are allowed to travel back home if you don’t want to self-isolate in one of the private villas in Mykonos. You can catch your flight and leave self-isolation before the period of five days is over. However, tourists need to wear high-protection masks and not have a fever. In case you are too unwell to return home, it’s always better to stay in your villa or hotel and rest.

Bear in mind that the accommodation provider needs to be informed about your condition. If you require professional care, you might be transferred to a local medical center where you will be treated.

A mug, glasses, and tissues on a table

The majority of COVID cases are mild, so rest and wait until the symptoms subside

Instead of Traveling Home, Quarantine in Your Mykonos Villa for Rental Until You Test Negative for COVID

Some tourists panic and immediately book an earlier flight back home. But you don’t have to do this. The majority of people get a fever and feel unwell for about two to three days. Therefore, you shouldn’t abruptly end your vacation.

Lounge in one of Mykonos luxury villas with a private pool and enjoy the view of the Aegean Sea and the magnificent Mykonian sunset. Rest, relax, drink a lot of tea, and frequently check whether you have a fever.

Call Up Your Mykonos Concierge if You Need Anything

Don’t think that you’ll be left to your own devices. A concierge on Mykonos can help you with anything you require while you are trying to get your health back on track. If you want medicine, food, or information, simply call up the concierge and ask them. They can have someone drop off meals or medicine in front of your door.

A man in a suit

With concierge VIP services on Mykonos, you won’t have to worry about anything

Extend Your Stay So You Can Recover From COVID-19 and Explore Mykonos

We recommend considering extending your stay and flying back home after testing negative for coronavirus. After the quarantine ends and you feel that symptoms have disappeared, the world is your oyster. You can visit the gorgeous Mykonian beaches, the nearby Cyclades like Milos or Naxos island, and all the places you couldn’t go to.

If you don’t want to exert yourself too much after recovering from the virus, you can request a private driver to take you to some of the best spots or fly with a private jet to other Cycladic islands.

Narrow street in Chora

Don’t miss the opportunity to get to know Mykonos after recovering from the virus

Remember That You Shouldn’t Go on a Trip Without Travel Health Insurance

It’s best to buy travel insurance as soon as you complete all arrangements for visiting Mykonos. If it covers situations related to a pandemic, you will be covered financially during your vacation in case you need to be treated.

Whatever financial losses you sustain, whether it’s a medical emergency or you lose your belongings, with travel insurance, you can be sure that you’ll get reimbursed. Depending on your insurance plan, in case you contract the virus a day or two before the trip, you might even get some money back.

Don’t forget to check the site of the Greek Ministry of Tourism, which always has the latest information regarding travel restrictions and regulations for tourists who contract coronavirus.

A man signing documents

With good travel insurance, you can arrange medical treatment in another country

Pack Coronavirus Essentials Just in Case

You can never predict what will happen on holiday. In one moment, you might be on a private yacht, sipping on the finest wine and enjoying traditional Greek food, and in the next, you might be stuck in one of the luxury villas on Mykonos. This is why packing coronavirus essentials is necessary. We recommend bringing the following:

  • Over-the-counter medication like ibuprofen and acetaminophen,
  • Thermometer,
  • Self-tests,
  • Face masks,
  • Disinfectant wipes.

Now You Know What Happens if You Test Positive for COVID While Traveling, So You Can Plan Your Trip Properly

If you pack coronavirus essentials and travel with insurance, you won’t have any problems. You will be safe in a foreign country and can even prolong your stay. The Ace VIP team will help you travel safely and get the most luxurious treatment on Mykonos. Apart from our elegant and stunning Mykonos villas for rental, we offer Mykonos yacht rental services, concierge services, and private jets. Whatever issue occurs, we’ll solve it and help you in the best way possible. So, don’t panic if you get a positive COVID test while traveling around the Cyclades.