Princess 58 

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  • 3 Cabins
  • 30 Knots
  • 8 Daily Passengers

One of the most fun activities you can do on Mykonos is actually cruising around the island and discovering hidden paradise beaches and exploring the nearby Cyclades. The Princess 58 yacht might be the perfect fit if you’re up for a fun and active holiday this summer on Mykonos. Yachting can be super adventurous, and this yacht will ensure you have the time of your life.

The Princess 58 Is the Perfect Luxury Yacht for a Little Summer Adventure

For people who love cruising in luxury and style, Princess 58 is an excellent choice. It was initially designed in 2008 but has been refitted in 2021 and now has all the modern and improved features. It is pretty significant and has a length of 58 ft. It can fit eight daily passengers, comfortably enjoying their time on board and various activities.

Princess 58 has a cruising speed of 30 knots, which means you can fastly transport from one island to another. Renting a yacht includes a boat crew consisting of the captain and a hostess, who will be at your service to ensure everything is taken care of.

Explore the Hidden Beauty of Greek Islands in Style

Mykonos has plenty of famous spots you should visit, but the natural beauty of Mykonos is hard to reach, which is why so many people choose yachts when they are vacationing on this island. When you have a boat, you also have the opportunity to explore all those hidden parts of the island, which are usually the most beautiful ones.

If you are not a fan of crowded beaches, yachting should be your choice of activity. If you rent this yacht on Mykonos, you will also have the chance to visit nearby islands, such as Dellos, Rhenia, and Dragonisi, which are incredibly beautiful.

Whether you are up for dynamic activities such as diving and snorkeling or you’re a fan of relaxing and enjoying the sun and breathtaking views, a yacht will be your perfect companion. It will allow you to make the most of your summer vacation in Mykonos and make your holiday memorable.

When It Comes to Luxurious Vacations in Mykonos – The Ace VIP Will Be at Your Service

If you wish to learn more about renting yachts and luxury Mykonos villas or take a look at some other options we have on our offer, feel free to contact us. The Ace VIP team will be at your service for any questions regarding a vacation on Mykonos. We offer our clients excellent concierge services and provide them with the most luxurious yachts and private villas in Mykonos. We will help you organize the perfect holiday according to your preferences and needs and ensure that everything meets your expectations. We are looking forward to making your dream vacation come true this summer. Contact us today, and we will immediately start planning your vacation.

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