Axopar 37 

  • Price from Upon Request
  • 45 Knots
  • 10 Daily Passengers

Mykonos offers a fantastic range of opportunities for a fun vacation, and sailing around the coast of this marvelous island is one of the most popular activities for tourists. If you want to experience the beauty of the sea, Axopar 37 is the right yacht for you and your travel companions. Check out what it has to offer, and hurry to book your time on board.

What Makes Axopar 37 the Perfect Yacht for Your Sailing Experience?

Axopar is a well-known Finnish brand that is famous for its motorboats of outstanding quality – we wouldn’t settle for anything less than fabulous, and neither should you. This motorboat model provides safety and comfort to all its passengers, and it has excellent handling. You can be sure that every single one of the 10 passengers will get the most out of this vessel – leisure areas are designed flawlessly.

Beautiful Deck With a Shaded Area

The easily accessible deck is perfect for sunbathing in the splendid Mediterranean sun, but it also has a shaded area where you can relax with a drink and have a nice meal (prepared by our private chef, if you request). There is an interior cabin available for those who need a bit of rest, but this vessel is suited only for one-day trips since there is no sleeping on board. The cruise speed that Axopar 37 can develop is 45 knots.

When It Comes to Yacht Rentals, You Won’t Find Anyone Better Than Us – The Ace VIP Is Here for You

There are always a lot of fabulous yachts around Mykonos town port or near some of the popular beaches. Have you ever dreamed of sailing on one of them? If you have, we’re here to make your dreams come true and offer you the most luxurious vessels that will give you the opportunity to explore Mykonos from a completely different angle.

The Ace VIP is famous for its luxurious rentals, most of which are fantastic yachts and private villas in Mykonos. You won’t find anyone who offers better – our many years of experience and countless happy customers can attest to that. So, if you want to treat yourself to a lovely and memorable boat time, this is the best opportunity you will get.

If This Isn’t the One You’ve Been Looking for, We Can Help You Find the Right Yacht – Check Out What We Have to Offer

If you need a yacht and this one doesn’t seem so appealing to you, for whatever reason, don’t despair. There’s a perfect yacht for your travel requests, and we know we have it – you just need to check out our offer. One of the listings you’ll find will definitely fit your style and demands and will provide you with an outstanding sailing experience in Mykonos that you and your companions will long remember. Contact us for the best yachts in Mykonos.

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