CRN Ancona 170 

  • Price from Upon Request
  • 7 Cabins
  • 12 Knots
  • 16 Daily Passengers

For the high-end clientele that loves going all the way when booking a private boat, our Mykonos mega yachts are the perfect fit. The CRN Ancona 170 is a private charter of a size similar to a cruise ship, incredibly spacious and luxurious. This type of yacht can be enjoyed only by the wealthiest travelers, willing to experience pure splendor.

Upgrade Your Vacation to Peerless Level With CRN Ancona 170

Experiencing the thrill of mega yachting on Mykonos is a pleasure reserved only for the world’s most elite clientele. This monumental charter has all the amenities of a cruise ship, but in this case, the entire boat is your private hedonistic platform. This mega yacht features numerous facilities which you and your guests can enjoy.

This incredibly spacious, 170 ft long yacht can accommodate up to sixteen guests in its seven luxurious cabins. One master, one VIP, and five twin cabins are on the lower deck, and all are glamorously decorated and include en-suite bathrooms. The yacht has a few spacious lounge and dining areas, both inside and outside.

The entire design provides passengers with the most pleasurable and lavish experience. Perfect for weekday cruises, this mega yacht will make you feel as if you’re staying at a top-rated hotel. It’s equipped with all of the amenities you and your guests could need.

Explore the Beauty of Mykonos From an Extravagant Mega Yacht

People who book mega yachts use them as accommodations during their entire stay on Mykonos. These yachts are probably the most luxurious ways of vacationing you could find on the whole Mediterranean coast. Besides being very spacious, they also include a few jet skis and kayaks, which you can use if you’re interested in some adventurous island hopping.

Mega yachts can be used for numerous activities, from organizing parties and fun gatherings to relaxing and enjoying the incredible view of the Aegean Sea. You can always count on the excellent concierge services if you feel like having dinner prepared by a private chef or organizing a spa day on the boat.

Many people book these yachts for special occasions, such as weddings, to make these memorable moments even more extraordinary. You will be able to experience the beauty of the Cyclades and the coast of Greece from an entirely different perspective.

The Ace VIP Is Here to Take Care of Your Entire Mykonos Trip

If you want a relaxing and carefree vacation, you will probably need some help with organizing all the details of your trip and finding luxury Mykonos villas for rental. The good news is that The Ace VIP specializes in luxurious holidays and has incredible concierge services that can fulfill any of your requests. Our mission is to make every client feel extraordinary and provide them with the vacation of their dreams.

Your only job will be enjoying your stay while we handle the rest. We can cover anything from booking a deluxe yacht and private jet transfer to making reservations at some of the most elite restaurants and renting private villas in Mykonos. The Ace VIP team will do all it takes to exceed your expectations. Give us a call, and we will provide you with all the information. Let’s make your summer Mykonos holiday unforgettable.

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