Marvel 39 

  • Price from Upon Request
  • 25 Knots
  • 10 Daily Passengers

If you need something to spice up your Mykonos holiday, cruising over the Aegean Sea could provide you with a real adrenaline rush. Our Marvel 39 is a luxurious RIB boat that can reach high speeds and offer you an exciting voyage around the Cyclades. It’s a perfect choice for people who love exciting adventures on their summer vacations.

Marvel 39 Is a Flashy Boat Made for Exhilarating Races Over the Open Sea

The Marvel 39 is a perfect RIB boat, created specifically for people who love traveling over the sea at high speeds. The boat has quite a sporty vibe to it but is also designed to provide a comfortable ride for all its passengers. It is made out of Hypalon Neoprene Pennel & Flipo Orca tube material, which is famous in the industry for its high resistance.

The boat’s length is 39 ft, giving it a stunning elongated look, which also allows it to fit up to ten passengers for a daily cruise around the Cyclades. The boat has incredible power and performs exceptionally well while cruising over the open sea. Everything about this boat is made to provide luxury, comfort, and the emotional journey of gliding over the waves.

Experience the Real Paradise on Earth With Your Private Charter

Mykonos is considered one of the most stunning places in the entire Mediterranean, which is why it has become such a popular tourist destination. However, most of its beauty is well concealed and hard to reach. This is why people often choose to explore Mykonos island by private boat.

All of those picturesque beaches, turquoise waters, and untouched nature are just a tiny part of the beauty Greece has to offer. When you rent a private boat, you have a chance to uncover all the breathtaking pieces of Mykonos island and its surroundings. You must also not forget to include the scenic coasts of the Cyclades in your itinerary.

These islands will uncover a unique blend of historical landscapes, magnificent nature, and secluded paradise beaches. A journey like this is an unparalleled experience, which you must not miss while on your vacation in Greece.

The Ace VIP Is Here to Meet All of Your Vacation Needs

Here at The Ace VIP, we do our best to provide our clients with the most fantastic holiday experiences you could imagine. We offer a range of luxury services dedicated to arranging luxurious vacations on Mykonos island. Whether you want to book a private charter and enjoy cruising over the Aegean Sea, or you’re looking for luxury Mykonos villas for rental, we can help you.

We will design your ideal vacation according to your needs and preferences, and there’s not a single chance that we won’t be able to exceed your expectations. Feel free to contact us, and we will be more than happy to discuss all the details with you. The Ace VIP team will do everything to ensure your holiday in Mykonos is a perfect blend of adventure, luxury, and comfort.

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