Kaique 53 

  • Price from Upon Request
  • 2 Cabins
  • 9.5 Knots
  • 22 Daily Passengers

If you want to enjoy sailing around the most beautiful Myconian bays and rocking on the waves of the Aegean Sea, Kaique 53 is one of the best yachts you could rent for such an experience. This is a large boat that can fit 22 daily passengers, which makes it ideal for day tours or parties with a bigger crowd.

Kaique 53 Will Amaze You With Its Design and Comfort

With a length of 53 ft, Kaique 53 is one of the longer vessels in our fleet. Its large deck is suitable for fitting 22 passengers for a day tour. If you choose to spend a night on this boat, you should know that it has only two cabins. This makes it an ideal day charter – it is fully crewed, so your only responsibility is to gather your friends and family and enjoy the beauty and power of the Mykonos wind while sailing into the sunset and feeling like a true sailor. The cruise speed is 9.5 knots, which makes it suitable for short-distance tours around this enchanting island.

You Can Reach Out to Us if You Have Any Questions or Special Requirements

This traditional-looking ship will definitely amaze you with its design and comfort inside and out. It has a classic design, with modern features added in order to provide bigger comfort and facilities that will satisfy even the most demanding customers. The lounge area on the deck is spacious and mostly cushioned. It can also be covered, so it’s ideal for those who want to chill and enjoy the sailing atmosphere without being exposed to the sunlight all day long.

You can comfortably enjoy your guests’ company while experienced captains and skippers take care of everything else. You and other passengers can sail around with them, knowing that they will take control of your route, and you’ll reach every desired destination smoothly and easily.

The Ace VIP Can Offer You Many Other Interesting Vessels to Rent

Apart from this fantastic model, The Ace VIP can also offer you many other yachts and boats, all of them with amazing design and facilities. Whichever you end up choosing, we’re sure you’ll be satisfied with our amazing services. If this one doesn’t satisfy your criteria, you need something smaller, faster, or even bigger, you can take a quick look at other options or call us, and we’ll make sure to find something that’s up to your taste.

When it comes to accommodation on the island, we can offer you many luxury Mykonos villas for rental and help you find the Mykonos villa of your dreams, so don’t wait too long to give us a call!

Contact The Ace VIP Today to Book the Ride of Your Life

A reliable crew operates all the vessels on our offer, so there is nothing to worry about. Your only responsibility is to contact us on time, since during the summer season on Mykonos, renting a private yacht is a popular thing to do. We’ll get back to you with available options and prices in the shortest possible time.

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