Dominator 64 

  • Price from Upon Request
  • 4 Cabins
  • 24 Knots
  • 8 Daily Passengers
  • 6 Overnight Passengers

Sailing around Mykonos is one of the best activities you can pick while on holiday in this part of Greece. The only thing you need to make this dream come true is the right yacht – and we believe we have one for you. Dominator 64 is an exceptional vessel that everyone loves. Take a look at what amenities it features and contact us to rent it for your Mykonos vacation.

What Makes Dominator 64 an Excellent Choice Among Luxury Yachts?

Sailing with Dominator 64 is a unique experience – this fantastic yacht is an excellent example of a top-notch quality vessel that cuts through the water smoothly and provides the passengers with a comfortable and safe ride. The beautiful exterior of this yacht will turn heads wherever you sail, and the amenities will provide you with the perfect, relaxing vacation.

The spacious bow of the boat boasts breathtaking views, and the 01 level is suited for sunbathing but also features a shaded lounge area. The aft deck is one of the most impressive parts of Dominator 64 – there is a beautiful lounge area here as well. The vessel features a swimming platform, and you will also get some water toys.

Spacious Cabins With Stunning Interior Will Ensure Comfortable Stay Onboard

When you step inside the Dominator 64, you will see that the interior matches the exterior in its luxury. The large common area is designed with wooden details and beige colors – there are two comfy lounge areas you will enjoy spending time in.

When it comes to cabins, there are four of them (one for the crew), and they can host up to six overnight passengers (but the yacht can accommodate eight daily passengers). The cabins have a luxury vibe, with a timeless and sophisticated design and en-suite facilities.

Reaching Out to The Ace VIP for a Rental Service Is the Best Way to Ensure a Memorable Holiday in Greece

There are many renting options available in Mykonos, but they don’t come close to what we offer. The Ace VIP is the rental company you should go with if you want one of the luxury Mykonos villas for rental that will fulfill all your vacation needs. Our team consists of highly experienced professionals who know how to help you get the best holiday experience on this heavenly island and the waters that surround it. Don’t be hesitant to reach out – with us by your side, an excellent time in Mykonos, Greece, is guaranteed.

If Our Dominator 64 Doesn’t Fit Your Standards, We Can Help You Find a Vessel That Will

Dominator 64 is one of our proudest listings, and we know that it will be an excellent choice for many of our clients – but it would be irrational to expect it to fit everyone’s taste and style. That’s why we have an extremely diverse fleet, where everyone can find something they love.

If you think another yacht would be better suited for you and your travel companions, be sure to check out what we offer. We’re here to help you in any way we can – you can always reach out to us with a question, and we will do everything to get you a satisfying answer.

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