Baia 63 

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  • 3 Cabins
  • 16 Daily Passengers

Cruising around Mykonos is an excellent way to spend your summer vacation – or even a part of it. For this fantastic adventure, you will need a suitable vessel with all the necessary amenities. The Ace VIP can help with that – check out our Baia 63, and see what it offers. We believe you will love this luxury yacht.

What Does Baia 63 Offer to Its Passengers? Let’s Take a Look at the Amenities

Sailing through the waters near Mykonos since 2004, Baia 63 is the perfect example of a luxury vessel suitable for extravagant Myconian life. Renting this beauty with a 2-person crew for your sailing trip can never be a wrong decision, as its amenities guarantee a safe and comfortable ride. This cruiser boasts a beautifully designed planing hull which allows it to glide on top of the water smoothly when it develops enough speed. GRP hull construction makes this boat practically indestructible.

Refitted in 2018, the lovely deck on Baia 63 is great for spending your days in the sun, as it comes with built-in sunbeds, perfect for relaxation. Plus, this part of the boat is so spacious that, if you face the sea standing at the bow, you might just feel like you’re on Titanic – just a lot safer. The aft deck also features sunbeds. The cockpit is accompanied by a small lounge area where you can hide from the sun if it gets too hot for your taste.

Excellent, Timeless Interior Design That Will Make Your Cruise Comfortable

Although designed for 16 daily passengers, Baia 63 has only three cabins. Still, all of them are decorated with outstanding taste – the space feels timeless and classy in its minimalism. Everything is in warm tones, predominantly beige and brown, and there are a lot of wooden details. Baia 63 has a kitchen and an inside lounge area as well.

The Ace VIP Is the Go-to Rental Company on Mykonos Island – Contact Us and Find Out Why

Finding yachts and luxury Mykonos villas for rental doesn’t have to be such a difficult task – at least if you have us by your side. The Ace VIP has been around for a long time, and we pride ourselves on our professional approach to every task we’re faced with.

You can rest assured that we will do everything in our power to get you the rental that fits your style and demands. Our team is highly skilled and pleasant to work with, and there’s no one who will do more for you than The Ace VIP crew. Contact us for help in organizing your Mykonos vacation, and you will quickly see why we’re the leaders in our profession.

If You Feel Like Baia 63 Doesn’t Fulfill All Your Demands, We Can Offer You Something Else – Check Out Our Fleet

Baia 63 is indeed an exceptional yacht, but we don’t all have the same taste, right? If you happen to dislike something about this vessel, we can find you something else that might better fit your needs. Don’t worry – there’s something for everybody in our fleet, as we have many yachts of all sizes and styles. Don’t hesitate to check out the rest of our rentals, and be sure to reach out if you have any questions. We’d be happy to help and be a part of the best vacation you will ever have.

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