Axopar 22

  • Price from Upon Request
  • 27 Knots
  • 6 Daily Passengers

Cruising around the Myconian coast is always an excellent idea for your vacation. Still, if you don’t have all the time in the world for this, even a single day at sea can be enough. All you need is a proper speedboat, and we have just that – Axopar 22 is one of the top-rated vessels for daily trips, and we know you will have a lot of fun cruising with it.

What Makes Axopar 22 One of the Best Speed Boats Out There?

Thanks to implementing the classic Axopar hull in this smaller version, we now have one of the most efficient and high-quality speedboats out there. This beauty cuts through water smoothly and allows for a pleasurable cruising experience.
Axopar 22 is a first-class vessel that will turn heads even in such a fancy environment as Mykonos is. This model is designed for every environment, and there aren’t any weather conditions on Mykonos that can stand in its way.

Excellent Maneuvering and the Highest Levels of Safety Are Hallmarks of This Model

Axopar 22 has a very stable hull, which adds to its safety. This speedboat is one of those vessels that help you relax at sea and get the most out of your cruising trip. It’s simple to steer, and it has excellent maneuvering possibilities, even in tight spaces. Windage impact is minimal. All these features combined bring you one of the safest boats out there. Axopar 22 can accommodate up to 6 daily passengers.

The Ace VIP Is Known for the Most Luxurious Rentals in Mykonos

While it’s true that you can find many rental companies on Mykonos, you have to ask yourself – are you really okay with settling for the ordinary, or do you want the best? If you, as we suspect, wish to have everything perfect for your Mykonos vacation, you should consider contacting us. Our rentals – and we have more than speed boats and yachts – are top-notch, and there’s no one who can provide you with anything better.
We take great pride in having the most luxurious yachts, vehicles, and private villas in Mykonos. Every single rental on our offer is well-taken care of, regularly inspected, and maintained in perfect condition. You can be sure that renting with us is always an excellent idea. Let us help provide you with everything you need for the ultimate vacation experience on Mykonos.

If This Isn’t the Vessel You’ve Been Looking for, Don’t Give Up – We Have Many Others to Offer You

Obviously, not everybody will be satisfied with just a speedboat for daily cruises. Maybe you want to stay on the water a bit longer? If you’re looking for a larger vessel that you can call home for a few days, be sure to check out what we have in store. Our fleet consists of many different vessels, including plenty of spacious yachts you would love. Take a look at what we have to offer, and hurry to book the date of your cruising adventure.

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