Andiamo 54 

  • Price from Upon Request
  • 3 Cabins
  • 12 Daily Passengers
  • 6 Overnight Passengers

If you’re considering a cruising trip near Mykonos island for your summer vacation this year, rest assured that this is one of the best ideas you’ll ever have. Still, before it becomes a reality, you will have to find the perfect vessel for this occasion. Our Andiamo 54 should definitely be on your shortlist – keep reading to find out what this outstanding yacht is all about.

What Sets Andiamo 54 Aside From Other Luxury Yachts You Can Find on the Coast of Mykonos?

When it comes to luxury yachts, Andiamo 54 is undoubtedly one of the better options in this category. This 54-feet long vessel was built with the highest quality materials, and it can be proud of its quality and design. Classy and fabulous, this rental will ensure you have a comfortable and safe ride in Myconian waters. A captain and a stewardess will be on board to take care of everything, so you can relax and get the most out of your vacation.

While it can accommodate 12 daily passengers, the yacht features three exceptionally decorated cabins that give the impression of a timeless elegance everyone will love. The cabins can host up to 6 overnight passengers. Thanks to wooden details and warm tones, you feel relaxed and comfortable staying here. Andiamo 54 also has a large common area in similar colors, perfect for spending time with friends and family. There is a fully-equipped kitchen on board as well.

Andiamo 54 Features Excellent Amenities You Won’t Find Elsewhere

The uniqueness of Andiamo 54 lies in the numerous amenities you won’t be able to find on other luxury yachts. The care that’s put into the clients’ comfort is obvious, with many different amenities awaiting once you board. You will have cleaning services, a professional chef, and certified massage therapists. Brunch and Greek wines are provided as well, while additional services, champagne, and other alcoholic beverages are available on request.

The Ace VIP’s Rental Services Are the Key to a Successful Vacation in Mykonos

While it’s possible to have a nice vacation with everything organized by yourself, why bother doing it on your own when we can do it for you? The Ace VIP boasts impressive rental services, among many others, and we are here to help you with anything you may need during your stay on the best island in Greece, including finding the most luxury Mykonos villas for rental.

Reaching out to us is the key to having the perfect Myconian vacation experience. Our team is nothing if not the most professional one you will find, as we will cater to all your needs. Contact us – we can promise you that you won’t regret that decision.

If You Feel Like Andiamo 54 Isn’t for You, We Can Offer You Plenty of Other Listings to Choose From

Andiamo 54 is indeed an excellent vessel, but we can’t expect everyone to like it. That’s why our fleet has many other listings our clients can choose from. If this luxury yacht doesn’t fit your standards, there is another rental in our offer that will – we’re sure of that. Take a look at what we provide, and you’ll find that perfect fit that will bring you the vacation of a lifetime. You can contact us for any additional information – don’t be shy. We’re always happy to help out a future client with organizing the ultimate Mykonos trip.

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