There are a couple of critical components that make up any good event. Free-flowing drinks, a proper guest list, some delicious food, nice entertainment, a great venue, and, of course, good music all come to mind. So, here are all the reasons why you should hire a DJ for your villa party in Mykonos this summer season and throw a fabulous fiesta that will be the talk of the town during the entire season!

The Million Dollar Question – Should You Hire a DJ for Your Villa Party or a Band?

Music is what either makes or breaks any party. It’s the key component that gives life to any event, creates an atmosphere that helps people connect, provides entertainment, and allows everyone to relax and enjoy themselves while dancing to some good tunes. When it comes to planning an event, you can’t drop the ball on such an important factor as musical arrangements. For a luxurious A-list event hosted in one of the stunning Mykonos villas for rental, just playing your own playlist isn’t enough.

If you’re going to take up a night of the summer season on this iconic party island, you need to make sure everything about your event is perfect. That requires professional music entertainment that will make sure your guests are dancing all through the night. But the big question remains – is it better to hire a Mykonos DJ or a bigger band? Here are a few key points you should take into consideration.

Hiring a DJ Is Much Cheaper Than a Band

While you should spare no expense when it comes to organizing the music entertainment for your debut into the Mykonos nightlife scene, the cost is a factor you should consider to a certain extent. Hiring live bands is much more expensive than hiring DJs for the evening.

DJs Are More Available and Low Maintenance

Another big advantage when it comes to DJs is the fact that they are much more accessible than a band. Bands need to be booked far in advance and are much harder to find, while an amazing DJ can be found much quicker and booked at the last minute. If you’re organizing a wedding, bands are the obvious choice, but in case you’re throwing a late-notice fiesta, a DJ is the best option. Bands also require much more effort on your part, from organizing the space in the outdoor area to managing all the logistics of the equipment, while DJs require a lot less effort and have minimal equipment.

Depending on the Occasion, DJs Set a Better Mood

When making a choice between the two options, you need to think about the occasion – are you organizing a wedding, or you’re in the mood for some crazy parties? While bands bring a certain level of sophistication to events, they simply can’t match the vibe DJs can create. Unless you’re planning an elegant wedding, a band shouldn’t be your first choice. You will never hear that a wild party had an incredible band – only a DJ can create a true party atmosphere and make the crowd go crazy all night long.

A DJ Can Play Any Tracks You Want – From Old School Hits to New Released Trending Songs

Another advantage of hiring DJs as opposed to bands is the fact that you can expect a better variety of songs. Bands usually have their own repertoire, as mastering any song requires hours of practice, so they might not be able to play your favorite track. On the other hand, DJs are more flexible, and they will be able to play any track or genre you’d like, from house to hip hop. They are obligated to keep up with the trends and explore new releases, so they can even play your new favorite songs.

Dj playing the music
DJs are more accessible and flexible with their repertoire

If You Need Help with Music Arrangements and Hiring DJs – Concierge VIP Services in Mykonos Will Take Care of Everything

If you want to hire a DJ on Mykonos, there is one person you should turn to – your very own Mykonos concierge. When you stay in our luxury villa rentals in Mykonos, you can rest assured knowing that you will get the best service possible. Not only will you have all the amenities you could ever need, but your concierge will also tend to any request you may have, no matter how small or large it is. Whether you need table reservations, fresh new towels for the house, a Mykonos yacht rental in the middle of the night, or any help with organizing events, we’ve got you covered.

Our award-winning concierge services are the best event planner you could ask for. If you need private security for the house, we’ll hire them; if you want to add an extra touch of finesse to the evening and drive your guests home, we’ll organize the car service. And, of course, if you need a DJ to play the music, we’ll make sure to find the hottest DJ available on the island at the moment. With our professional concierge by your side, nothing is out of reach, and a legendary party is guaranteed.

A professional concierge
Your personal Mykonos concierge will fulfill any request you may have

Contact Us and Book One of Our Private Villas in Mykonos for Your Events

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