Most tourists from the United Kingdom that come to Greece’s most popular destination check out different eateries during their stay in one of the Mykonos luxury villas. If you want to know what the best restaurants for Brits in Mykonos are, you need to read our blog. The majority of travelers can be categorized as those that enjoy places with international cuisine more and those who prefer places with traditional Greek food. We will offer you both options on our list.

One of the Best Restaurants for Brits in Mykonos Is Mykonos by Gryparis

The food and the location of the Mykonos by Gryparis are the main reasons why most tourists from the UK flock to this place. It is in Little Venice under the mesmerizing Mykonian windmills. Sitting outside, enjoying the sunset while waves are crashing, and being served some of the tastiest food from Greek cuisine is what draws so many travelers. They mostly offer vibrant salads, delicious seafood, fresh fish, and refined wines. Brits who want to experience the luxury and authenticity of Greece go to this eatery the most.

This Restaurant Turns Into a Lively Bar at Night

During the day, tourists come here for food. The most popular specialties are lobster, king crab legs, rib-eye steak, risotto with clams, cockles, and shrimp, as well as spaghetti with tomato sauce. However, when the sun sets, the restaurant turns into an incredible cocktail bar.

The party atmosphere on the island can also be felt here. The colorful summer cocktails such as Cold Brew Martini, Mixed Fruit Cocktails, and Summer Passion are the signature cocktails of the bar. Enjoy the special drinks while listening to summer hits.

A restaurant in Little Venice

Not only do the Brits come here because of the stunning view but for the party as well

For More International Flavors Brits Go to Bagatelle in Mykonos Old Town

Bagatelle is an international brand that was started in New York. However, it spread, and now it can be found in major cities around the world, such as Buenos Aires, London, Miami, Dubai, and St. Tropez. The French entrepreneurs decided to open one more Bagatelle in Greece, one of the most popular holiday destinations for Brits.

Bagatelle’s menu focuses primarily on the cuisine of the South of France, but many international meals can be found on the menu as well. The average Brit enjoys coming here for the luxury and appetizing international dishes. It is one of the best international restaurants.


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We Recommend Eating Salads and Desserts Here When You Come to Mykonos Town From the Beach

After lounging on a Mykonos yacht rental or one of the splendid beaches, we recommend heading to the old town and savoring some of the salads and deserts in this amazing place. They offer salads such as:

  • Riviera salad – celery, lemon basil, and radish,
  • Herb salad – purple artichokes, Kalamata olives.

The authentic and delectable desserts they have on the menu are:

  • Chocolate pizza with caramelized hazelnuts,
  • Thin crepes dentelles, light cream with Sicilian pistachios,
  • Ice creams: baklava, vanilla, chocolate, coffee,
  • Greek yogurt, flower honey granola.

Alemagou Beach Bar and Restaurant Is the Favorite Place of Brits Who Come Here to Party Day and Night

Alemagou Beach Bar and Restaurant is a place where you can eat and prepare for a great DJ set. But, tourists often like to come from one of the Mykonos villas for rent and cure their hangover from the previous night. The bar is located on Ftelia Beach, and it is the epitome of a bohemian vibe and delicious food.

This is a great place to eat for anyone who wants to enjoy a spectacular sunset by the seaside in Greece. They offer dishes such as homemade eggplant with yogurt, eggplant salad, beef liver tagliata, gyros, “Spanakopita” with sour cheese and feta cream, as well as seafood dishes such as grilled octopus, fresh sea urchin, and homemade fish roe.

 A person preparing spaghetti

The perfect place to eat and party all night is at the Alemagou Beach Bar

Cove Restaurant at Korfos Beach Is Praised by Foreigners as Well as Brits

Cove Restaurant offers people who travel here from the UK a taste of the authentic Mediterranean and Mykonian flavors. However, the chefs intelligently mix a bit of modern gastronomy with traditional Greek cuisine, so they come up with delicious inspiring dishes.

If your requirement for a restaurant is a serene ambient, you will love this place. Bear in mind that they specialize in luxury, and their meals are similar to art. People mostly order creative dishes that contain caviar, cheeses, seafood, and different kinds of meat.


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Marco Polo Taverna Is Among the Favorites as Well

A simple and cozy place like Marco Polo Taverna is among the favorite restaurants of many tourists from the UK. It offers Mediterranean dishes such as fried fish, pork gyros, grilled octopus, and good moussaka – the national dish. They have great white wine, and no one seems to miss an opportunity to order a glass after a long day exploring the island and lounging in one of Mykonos villas for rental.

The prices are affordable, and the staff is very friendly, which contributes to good ratings. If you want to try some of their meals in your luxury Mykonos villa, call up your concierge in Mykonos to have someone pick up a meal for you.

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