Yachting for the very first time makes most people fall in love with the exhilarating experience of sailing. Although parties in the middle of the Aegean Sea sound like anything and everything is allowed, this is not the case. It’s crucial to abide by the yacht etiquette in Mykonos and behave according to the unspoken rules. Don’t worry, the experience won’t be any less fun.

Yacht Etiquette Do’s – Make Sure Everyone Respects the Crew

When organizing a yachting trip, whether a family cruise or a getaway with friends, following the rules on charter yachts is crucial. One key aspect of this etiquette is ensuring everyone on board respects the crew. The staff is dedicated to providing an enjoyable and safe experience, and their instructions are essential for a smooth sailing experience. Treating them with courtesy not only makes the voyage pleasant but also upholds the expectations of a luxury trip.

Safety Protocols Are There For a Purpose – Listen to Everything the Crew Advises

Upon booking a yacht during the Mykonos vacation, pay close attention to the safety protocols since they are there for your safety. The policy of maritime safety is a crucial aspect of the guest’s well-being on board.

The captain and the rest of the staff are highly trained in safety protocols, and they will brief you on the mandatory safety protocols. During this time, remember everything about life jackets and life rafts. After this, relaxation is the priority.

Mykonos Best Yacht Princess
Abiding my safety protocols won’t spoil the fun of sailing

Leave the Yacht the Same As When You Came on Board

Leaving the yacht in the same condition as when you came on board is very important. What we mean by this is treating it as if you would your own home, respecting the space and time the crew invests in maintaining it. This is a must during parties on the yachts, too.

It’s paramount not to cause any lasting damage to the deck or the furniture. For instance, heels can leave dents in the decks, so it’s recommended that no shoes are worn while relaxing on the deck. What shoes are usually preferred are “boat shoes” with a soft sole.

Keep the Crew In the Loop About Any Party Plans

The same as with organizing events at Mykonos villas for rental, it’s essential to keep the staff informed about parties and any surprise trips. It’s a no-no to just arrive with a large number of people ready to party in the middle of the Aegean Sea. Crew members need to prepare accordingly. Follow the steps below to organize a yacht party like a pro:

  • Inform the staff on time,
  • Specify requirements,
  • Consider any special setups,
  • Let the crew know how many people will be in attendance.

In case you don’t want to disrupt the stay on the party island with any planning and organization skills, use the Mykonos concierge services and delegate everything to the concierge.

Treat Everyone From the Captain to the Cleaning Staff With Utmost Respect

This respect reflects the high standards of service and professionalism expected in luxury settings, similar to the experience at Mykonos luxury villas. The staff greatly appreciates recognition through gratitude.

Charter yacht tipping etiquette provides a clue about how to show respect. Tipping 10 to 15 percent of the charter fee is the customary practice in the Mediterranean. Such a gesture goes a long way when sailing on a superyacht.

Yacht Admiral
Spend your time lounging on a superyacht or in one of the Greek villas in Mykonos

Yacht Etiquette Don’ts – Here’s What Is A Big No

Luxury yachting doesn’t just involve a list of do’s but also several important don’ts. There are different guidelines when staging an event in a luxury Mykonos villa, and the same pertains to superyachts. One of the significant no-nos is disregarding the crew’s hard work and expertise. Avoid unreasonable requests and understand that their primary job is to make sure you’re safe and comfortable.

Don’t Expect the Crew on a Charter Yacht to Babysit Children

Have a clear understanding of the crew’s responsibilities, especially when children are accompanying you on a one-day yachting trip. Even when yachts are child-friendly and equipped with awesome entertainment options for youngsters, that doesn’t mean that the staff will also babysit them instead of parents. Supervise them yourself or hire a nanny.

Yacht Admiral
 If the yacht is not child-friendly, leave the kids in a Mykonos villa rental with a nanny

The Smoking Policy Mustn’t Be Violated

Violating the smoking policy is frowned upon, especially while on a charter. Guests must respect these rules to ensure comfort on board. Most yachts prohibit smoking inside the cabins, but they typically designate areas on the deck for smokers.

Guests who smoke should inform the charter broker so proper arrangements can be made. Most smokers are advised to smoke in areas like the yacht’s downside side or the stern.

Don’t Go Into the Crew Areas

Do you want to see housekeepers barge in while you’re staying in one of the private villas in Mykonos? No one wants that, and it’s considered a violation of the unspoken rules. The same applies to boundaries on yachts.

Just as private areas in Mykonos villas for rent are reserved for those staying in them, areas like the yacht’s galley (kitchen) are typically considered the crew’s sacred space. Another restricted area is the chamber of the captain. Guests are advised to avoid entering the private zones unless they’ve been invited.

Yacht on open sea
The captain should not be disturbed while sailing

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