Planning a yacht tour is one of the best activities you can do with your closest ones during a summer holiday. If you wish to make this mesmerizing trip as perfect as it can be – consider getting some of the best yachts for a family cruise. Besides staying in a Mykonos villa, this is the second-best thing you could do to ensure you experience a summer on this island in the right way.

#1 Admiral 129 Is One of the Best Yachts for a Family Cruise Around the Cyclades

If you are looking for one of the most exclusive yachts to rent for your cruising adventure – Admiral 129 might be a perfect choice. This unique vessel was refitted in 2018 and has one of the most powerful motor engines and generators, which helps it achieve a speed of 29 knots.

Admiral 129 is big enough to accommodate eleven passengers, whether it is a daily yacht tour or a longer one. It has five cabins, out of which one carbon is equipped with a twin bed while the other four cabins have double beds.

Admiral 129 Comes With Plenty of Fun Features

One of the best things about this boat is that it has plenty of equipment for various water sports activities. If you have kids and teenagers, they will undoubtedly love using water toys, such as inflatable paddle boards, water ski equipment, Williams jet, and tender jet. It can be a perfect way to entertain your children while cruising around gorgeous beaches.

Admiral 129 yacht outdoor area

You will have a great time while relaxing with your family on this stunning and unique boat

#2 Ferretti 52 Boat Is One of the Most Enjoyable Cruisers

The Ferretti 52 is the perfect thing you need to have the most luxurious holiday on Mykonos, as it will allow you to graciously cruise around the Cycladic islands. The boat combines performance and style with extraordinary nautical intelligence. Since you are planning to bring your entire family on board, you should know that it has been built up to the highest safety standards.

Ferretti 52 is designed to provide every passenger onboard with a superior feeling of comfort and safety. You can choose to stay on this boat for the entire duration of your vacation and, every now and then, go to the land to visit some popular attractions, enjoy nice meals in international restaurants or attend some fun evening events.

This Sailboat Can Accommodate Twelve Guests

Ferretti 52 boat is famous for its grand size, fantastic length of 52 ft, and a beam of 15 ft. This motor yacht can fit twelve daily guests, and it has five spacious cabins, which are all well-equipped. Both the interior and exterior design of this lovely yacht will provide you and your loved ones with a perfect cruising holiday experience. It will be as if you were spending time in one of the private villas in Mykonos.

Ferretti 52 yacht in Mykonos

Ferretti 52 is a perfect sailing companion for a family trip

#3 The Astonishing CRN Ancona 140 Might Be the Perfect Choice for a Family Holiday

CRN Ancona 140 is one of the most astonishing boats you can find. It has immense deck space, a sleek design, and an elegant interior. The overall design of the sailboat features different fabrics and materials as well as a combination of antique and contemporary styles.

Onboard you will be accompanied by a professional crew that is highly experienced in cruising. They will be able to provide you with different services. From pampering you during your stay to organizing a private chef to cook some traditional and delicious meals from Greek cuisine on an open deck space while you’re watching the gorgeous sunset. You will undoubtedly like spending your time on CRN Ancona 140.

Not All Boats Have Such a Wide Range of Entertaining Facilities

CRN Ancona 140 is a really special boat, especially since it is equipped with numerous amenities. It has a cinema with a 104-inch screen, satellite TV in almost every room, a roulette table, and video and music on demand. It has everything you need for a fun sailing experience.

If you like spending time outdoors on the deck, there is a flybridge bar with an outdoor cinema screen and a large jacuzzi. Besides lounge areas and amenities for relaxing, there are also plenty of tenders and toys for your little ones to have fun while cruising, such as:

  • Inflatable trampoline,
  • Inflatable sofa,
  • Inflatable stand-up paddles,
  • Two donuts,
  • Wakeboards,
  • Water skis,
  • Sea bob.

This Luxurious Boat Can Have Several Purposes

The entire design of this yacht and all the facilities it features are created in order to provide families with full convenience and entertainment. CRN Ancona 140 is considered one of the best yachts for a party. Many prefer throwing private events or celebrations on boats, so you may choose this one for hosting a private party.

On this yacht, you can easily spend the entire holiday, and it will feel like you are staying in some of the best hotels or perhaps Mykonos villas for rent. You will undoubtedly have a great family vacation if you choose to go sailing for a few days.

CRN Ancona 140 boat

This is undoubtedly one of the most luxurious models you will ever see

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