Mykonos is known for being one of the most beautiful vacation spots, with picturesque views and gorgeous locations. Therefore, many people come here to propose to their partner and spend some of the most romantic moments. If you’re wondering where to propose on Mykonos, we have plenty of ideas and locations to suggest. All the places we’ve come up with are filled with the dreamiest atmosphere and will provide you with a memorable proposal.

Seal Your Love at the Old Port

The Old Port is the most beautiful spot in the best area on the entire island. The whitewashed houses and the turquoise water create the most astonishing environment, which Mykonos is known for. Proposing in such a place will create an atmosphere filled with romance which your partner will definitely adore. The Old Port is the most mesmerizing in the evening hours around sunset, which is the best time to pop the question.

Nearby Restaurants Where You Can Celebrate Your Proposal

The Old Port is close to the town center and has some of the best restaurants in its immediate neighborhood. You can propose on the port dock or in some of the beautiful nearby restaurants. We recommend visiting these places, as they offer excellent local food and stunning views of the Aegean Sea. Here are some perfect romantic spots for celebrating your love:

  • Kastro’s,
  • Casa Di Giorgio,
  • D’ Angelo,
  • Eva’s Garden
  • Narcissus Restaurant.

Proposals in Little Venice Are Always Dream Like

Little Venice is a place filled with romance and cute surroundings. It has an authentic Mediterranean style and will definitely be the dreamiest setting for such an important question. You can first take a walk down the road to the famous windmills, which are famous attractions, and come down to the seashore. You can propose next to the shore or in some of the gorgeous laneways of Chora.

The Most Picturesque Spot on the Entire Mykonos

If you want the most mesmerizing scenery, this is definitely the spot you should choose. The sunsets from this place are the most breathtaking and will create the atmosphere you need for such an important moment in your life. The colorful houses and the brilliant sunset shades will melt your heart before you even get down on your knees.

Little Venice in Mykonos

The colorful houses and a mesmerizing sunset are a perfect ambiance for the proposal

Book a Private Villa for an Intimate Proposal

Since Mykonos is a famous tourist destination, its streets often get too crowded during the day, especially in the summer months. If you want a more private atmosphere for your proposal, without strangers walking around you or watching your special moment, you can opt for a more intimate space.

The most astonishing suggestion you can prepare for your partner is in one of the luxury villas on Mykonos. There are plenty of private villas in Mykonos that you can rent and use for special events. Some of those Mykonos luxury villas, such as Villa Assante, even include private chapels which can be used for weddings and other special occasions.

If You Want a Grand Proposal, Book a Bigger Villa for Events

In case you plan on organizing a big proposal party and inviting more people, opt for an enormous Mykonos villa that can accommodate a significant number of guests. We have plenty of stunning villas with private pools with a nearby beach where you can organize your engagement party and invite all your loved ones. Some of these villas can accommodate more than thirty people, so you will be able to celebrate this romantic occasion with all the important people in your life.

Villa Assante on Mykonos

Some villas come with a small chapel for special events

Propose in the Middle of the Aegean Sea

If you wish to prepare the most original and unique engagement for your partner, consider popping the question in the middle of the sea. Close to an idyllic beach, surrounded by turquoise, crystal clear waters, and looking over the mesmerizing horizon, it’s the most idyllic atmosphere. And how could you do that? By simply booking a private yacht for you and your loved one.

There are plenty of spectacular yachts to choose from, so there’s no doubt you will find a perfect one. The captain will give you the tour you ask for, and he can help you make everything go smoothly. The crew will ensure you also have drinks and food during the day to celebrate this occasion.

Couple celebrating on a yacht

Proposal on the open sea will be a memorable experience

You Are Going to Need a Photographer for Your Engagement

Whatever spot you choose for your engagement, a photographer must be present. Even though it’s the moment that counts, you still want to be able to share these special memories with your loved ones. Hiring a photographer is something you shouldn’t forget about, and you should do it in advance.

Contacts Some Photographers on the Island to Organize a Picturesque Photoshoot

There are plenty of people on the island that work as professional event photographers. You can use social media to track them down and contact them to check when they are available. They might even be able to give you some more ideas on how to make the engagement even more magnificent and memorable. You will cherish these photos your entire life, so make sure they are perfect!

Couple at the beach

Book a photographer who is going to help you create memories of this special day

Now That You Know Where to Propose on Mykonos, Contact the Ace VIP Wedding Planners to Organize the Rest

When planning such an important event in your life, it’s always wise to have professional assistance. The Ace VIP is a team of experienced professionals organizing luxurious vacations. However, our concierge services also include wedding and proposal planning. Who knows, maybe you decide to come back to book a wedding on this island? Our team will be at your service whether you need some private villas on Mykonos or a tour with a helicopter. Our job is to fulfill every request and make your dreams come true!