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  • Robinson 44
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Are you looking for some exciting activities to engage in during your luxurious Mykonos holiday? Booking a helicopter tour is one of this island’s most thrilling experiences. Our Robinson 44 is a three-seat helicopter, perfect for romantic couple tours over the mesmerizing Aegean Sea and the Greek coast.

The Robinson 44 Provides Stability, Speed, and Comfort

Flying with a helicopter might sound a bit scary to some people, but it’s an entirely safe journey, especially with some top-rated helicopters, such as Robinson 44. Even though it’s a three-seater model (two for the passengers and one for the pilot), it has the same power and outstanding performance as some of the best four-seat helicopters.

This helicopter is commonly used for utility operations but also commercial tours. It has an approximate 3-hour non-stop capability flight, so it’s perfect for shorter trips above the Cycladic islands. Its comfortable seats and spacious design will provide you and your companion with a pleasant helicopter ride experience.

Observe the Incredible Scenery of the Greek Coast and Its Islands From Above

Experiencing the magnificent views of Mykonos island and the Cyclades from a birds-eye perspective will definitely be a memory you will cherish forever. Flying over Mykonos can be a perfect mix of adventure and pleasure, something you wouldn’t want to miss out on. This way, you will be able to uncover the beauty of the Cyclades from various sides and angles.

The pilot will be happy to walk you through the entire route and introduce you to some Greek sights you may have never seen before. If you’re planning on visiting some other Cycladic islands, a helicopter ride is one of the best transportation options. You can quickly request a private chopper to travel from Mykonos to Santorini in the shortest possible time.

This incredible tour could be a pleasant surprise for your loved one, where you can make some lifelong memories. You can also book a private chopper for special events such as birthday celebrations and wedding ceremonies. The remote helicopter offers various options and is guaranteed a super exciting experience.

The Ace VIP Can Help You Organize Your Dream Mykonos Vacation

If you want to learn more about our private helicopter tours and the different models we have on our offer, be free to contact us anytime you want. We will gladly answer all of your questions and provide you needed information. The Ace VIP is the best team you could ask for when organizing luxurious getaways and finding private villas in Mykonos.

We specialize in luxury Mykonos villas for rental and always ensure all of our client’s requests and expectations are met. If you want to make your summer holiday on Mykonos special, we can easily make that happen. Our unparalleled concierge services will fulfill your needs and ensure your holiday is exactly as you’ve imagined it. Contact us now, and we’ll immediately start planning your memorable holiday.

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