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For lovers of genuinely modern and innovative jets, Falcon 7X is one of the most remarkable ones on the current market. Besides the numerous benefits private jets provide to their passengers, the Falcon 7X offers the most advanced technology and incomparable performance as well. It is a truly revolutionary piece of technology and can easily be at your service this summer in Greece.

Falcon 7X Provides the First Digital Control System and Revolutionary Performance

Only the most knowledgeable jet lovers can understand how outstanding and innovative the Falcon 7X jet is. This aircraft is one of the most technologically advanced business jets in the industry today. It is the first business jet with a digital flight control system, allowing it more precise handling, less turbulence, and improved safety.

Its powerful engines secure the maximum speed of 1,100 kilometers per hour and 10 hours of nonstop flying capacity. The versatile cabin offers incredible spaciousness and a luxurious lounge area, while the latest technology keeps the space noiseless.

The design is created specifically for light missions, so you can be sure that the shorter routes over the Aegean Sea will be as pleasant as possible. There are fourteen passenger seats and two for the pilots. The cabins can be tailored to suit everyone’s needs and provide convenient flights.


Observe the Beauty of Greece From an Enviable Perspective

If you are willing to experience the beauty of Greece and the Cycladic islands from a wholly unique and different perspective, flying private is something you must try out. Vacations are the one time of the year when you can let loose and splurge on a lavish lifestyle.

Flying with a private jet will offer you a unique experience and allow you to observe the mesmerizing beauty of Mykonos from the comfort of a luxurious cabin. The cabin crew will be there to provide you with a first-class service so you can start your holiday in the best way possible.

A private transfer from the airport to your Mykonos villa can also be arranged at your request. Whether there’s a special occasion or for pure pleasure, booking a private jet is something you absolutely won’t regret.

The Ace VIP Here Is to Provide You With Any Assistance You May Require

If you want your summer vacation on Mykonos to be flawless and unforgettable, consider getting assistance from real professionals. The Ace VIP team specializes in organizing luxurious holidays in Greece and can fulfill any request you may have. Whether you are interested in booking one of many private villas in Mykonos or renting an incredible private yacht for a fun cruise around the Cyclades, we can offer our help.

Our concierge services are here to make your holiday experience exquisite and memorable, just like you’ve dreamed of. Contact us today, and we will immediately start planning your stay in one of our luxury Mykonos villas for rental and help you find the perfect jet.

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