Learjet 60 

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  • Learjet 60
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Flying over the Aegean Sea in a private jet is quite a unique experience everyone should try at least once in their life. Our Learjet 60 is a spectacular aircraft that can be booked for your summer holiday on Mykonos. This jet will give you a memorable trip over Mykonos and the rest of the Cyclades islands and will offer you the chance to observe these gorgeous sceneries from an entirely different perspective.

Modern and Refurbished Learjet 60 Jet Is Here to Provide an Exquisite Flight

Learjet 60 is a medium-range business jet with two powerful engines. It has an incredible aerodynamic performance and significantly improved wing efficiency. Its powerful engines can reach a maximum speed of 844 kilometers per hour and a maximum range of 4,500 kilometers and provide a smooth and sound flight. The cabin is incredibly spacious and designed to give off a luxurious ambiance.

The seven-passenger seats are covered in leather and extremely comfortable, even for longer flights. There are also extra seats for pilots and the hostess, ensuring that the entire trip goes smoothly and that everything is taken care of. There’s also enough luggage space for all passengers to leave and store their bags properly.

Whether Business or Pleasure – Private Jets Are Always the Right Choice of Transportation

If you need transportation that’s going to be time-efficient, convenient, and will offer maximum security – private jets are the best option. If you are eager to start your holiday and wish to arrive at your Mykonos villa in the shortest possible time, a private jet can be waiting for you at the Athens airport.

Private jets offer maximum performance and can take you across the Aegean Sea in comfort and style. It’s a much better option than wasting your time in crowded airports, waiting for the often delayed flights. With a private jet, you have the freedom to set the schedule as well as request any additional services.

The cabin crew will offer you the proper VIP treatment, food, drinks, and anything else you might need for a convenient flight. Book a private jet to ensure yourself peace of mind this summer vacation.

The Ace VIP Is Here to Fulfill All of Your Holiday Wishes

If you want this summer holiday in Mykonos to be the best one so far, consider getting assistance from real professionals. The Ace VIP will gladly help you arrange your entire trip to Greece and find you some of the most amazing luxury Mykonos villas for rental and exclusive yachts on the market. Our concierge services are there to provide you with the most fantastic vacation experience and fulfill any request you may have.

We believe in people’s dreams and strive to turn them into reality. We do our best to exceed your expectations and provide you with the most unforgettable vacation experience possible. Contact us today, and we’ll gladly introduce you to all of our services and share the essential information you wish to know.

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