Cessna Citation II 

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  • Citation II
  • 8 seats

There are plenty of benefits of flying with a private jet, and even if you don’t practice it commonly, you should consider booking one for your summer vacation. If you plan to fly to Mykonos or some Greek island this summer, our Cessna Citation II might be the perfect jet you were looking for. Our private jets could be at your service if you want to grant yourself a luxurious getaway.

Experience the Pleasure of Private Jetting With Our Cessna Citation II

If you are planning a summer vacation in Greece with a group of friends or family, Cessna Citation II is the perfect jet for you. Cessna Citation II can fit up to 8 passengers, so it’s an excellent choice for people vacationing in groups. This private jet offers enough space for each passenger so that everyone can have a convenient and pleasant flight to some of the most beautiful Greek islands.

This model was rebuilt in 2021, so it has all the updates required for the most impressive private jetting experience. Our two pilots will make sure you get to your wanted destination in a short amount of time and in the safest way possible.

Why Is It Better to Fly With a Private Jet?

Private jetting has plenty of advantages that will make your summer vacation more enjoyable. The check-ins are quicker, you can set the schedule according to your preferences, a representative of our company will be at your service to assist you whenever you wish, and you and your companions will be provided with luxurious seating.

Our pilots can be at your service whenever you need them to transfer you to some of the most beautiful islands Greece offers. Plus, the view from the jet over the Aegean Sea is incredible and one of the most memorable experiences you could have on your vacation. Flying is time-efficient, so you won’t waste any time you plan on spending on the turquoise coast of some Greek island. There is no doubt that flying is a truly unforgettable journey.

The Ace VIP Team Is Here for Any of Your Doubts and Questions

Cessna Citation II is just one of many amazing private jets on our offer. If you are interested in finding out more about private jetting, different private planes, or even helicopters and private villas in Mykonos, we are at your disposal. If you already have your vacationing dates set, contact us, and we can immediately arrange any type of services you might need for the best holiday experience.

The Ace VIP team specializes in luxurious holidays, so there is no doubt we won’t be able to fulfill your expectations when it comes to a Greek vacation. To find out more about our services and how we can help you organize your holiday, contact us, and we will find a way to assist you in no time.

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