Bell 407 

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  • Bell 407
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Helicopter transport is ideal for point-to-point flights during the summer, and the best part is that you don’t need to go to the airport if your private Mykonos villa has a helipad – that can save you a lot of time. The Ace VIP can offer you Bell 407 – a comfortable single turbine helicopter ideal for transport to or from Mykonos and surrounding islands.

Bell 407 Is a Single Turbine VIP Helicopter

Bell 407 is a fully refurbished, single turbine VIP helicopter. It is suitable for transportation of up to 6 passengers, and it is operated by one pilot. Its interior is very spacious for a helicopter and modern, so you can enjoy maximum comfort while enjoying the view of Mykonos from above.

You Can Comfortably Travel to or From The Island of the Winds

If you choose to fly with The Ace VIP and rent accommodation from us as well, there is another great advantage – some of the best luxury Mykonos villas for rental have their own private helipads. This is ideal for VIP stays – you can get to your villa without the need to go to the airport or anywhere in public. It is also amazing if you’re organizing an event at your private villa and have guests arriving from neighboring islands.

You can schedule a ride for them with our convenient concierge services and make sure they get there in time for your wedding or any other celebration. Just make sure to contact us in advance to check the availability and provide us with all the details of your route and additional requirements if you have any. It is that easy to fly in style on one of the most exclusive islands in Europe.

Contact Us in Advance to Discuss Details About Your Route

Feel free to send us a request if you’re interested in the price of this service, and we’ll get back to you with all information in no time. Flying with a private helicopter can be an ideal solution if you need to get to an urgent meeting on the neighboring island or simply want to organize a fun getaway tour with your loved one or surprise your family with a day trip to Santorini. We are here for you to turn all of your wishes into reality.

Fly With The Ace VIP and Experience the Magic of Aegean Beauty

Visiting Greece and this magical island is a beautiful choice for a summer vacation. With the incredible services The Ace VIP provides, you can put your experience on a whole other level and ensure you travel in more style than ever. Flying with a private helicopter can make your vacation unforgettable, but if you think that Bell 407 is not the right fit for you, worry not, we have many other helicopters available, so don’t hesitate to contact us. Let’s find you the right ride for an unforgettable summer on Mykonos.

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