• Crew: 1 or 2 Pilots
  • Engines: Single Engine (Safran Arriel 2D)
  • Range: 380 nm
    Cruising Speed:
    110 knots
  • Y O M: 2023
  • Luggage: A) D/W/H - 0.20m/0.90m/0.65m
  • Compartment: B) D/W/H - 0.20m/0.85m/0.67m
  • Dimensions: C) D/W/H - 0.95m/0.65m/0.52m

The brand new ACH130, Year of manufacture 2023, is a single-engine helicopter with air-conditioning. The elegance and refined atmosphere with excellent visibility and comfortable leather seats offer a relaxing journey. Combining safety with its excellent performance, endurance, reliability, and elegance, the ACH 130 will fly you beyond expectations.

  • Type
  • Model
    Airbus ACH-130
  • Passenger Seats
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