If you’re about to go on your dream vacation to Mykonos, and you want to remember it forever and capture as much of the scenery as possible, there’s no need to go and buy an expensive camera. Here are a few tips on how to take great photos with iPhone.

Can I Use an iPhone to Take Some Good Photos on Mykonos?

There is a reason why you see fewer and fewer people on the streets holding giant professional cameras that are so impractical, and that is because iPhones can easily make some high-quality pics, especially in the last few years with their new model releases.

Whether you have some of the older models, a Pro or a Pro Max, the camera quality on these phones is impeccable. Everybody is using the camera app to snap a good shot. So there is no need to go out and buy an expensive professional camera or worry about whether you will be able to take some beautiful shots of The Island of the Winds.

Another advantage of using your iPhone to take pictures instead of a bulky camera is that it’s much more convenient to carry your phone around Mykonos. There are many fun things to do, and you will want to capture every second of your stay, so having your phone and camera app already in your hands, ready to take pictures or videos at any moment, is much easier than taking out a heavy camera from your bag.

Bulky camera

The iPhone camera app is much more practical than a professional camera

Here Are Some Photography Tips on How to Take Great Photos With iPhone

Everyone knows the basics of photography when it comes to their phones – tap the Camera app, take a quick shot, maybe adjust the lighting a bit, and boom, you’ve got yourself a decent photo. And while that is completely fine, your vacation pics deserve a lot more, so here are a few of our best photography tips on how to take better iPhone photos.

Use Your Volume Buttons to Take a Sharp Picture and Press It Like 5 Times to Get the Best Shot

Don’t you just hate it when you take a quick photo of something amazing with your phone, thinking you have the most perfect image anyone has ever seen, only to find out later that it’s blurry and that it’s your only copy? That’s why the best thing you can do if you want a clean, perfect shot is to take it by pressing the volume button on the side of your phone, don’t tap the screen.

It will give you more stability even if you have shaky hands, and your photo will turn out much sharper this way. Another great tip is to tap the screen to focus and take multiple pics at once. If one turns out to be blurry or has an accidental fingertip caught in the frame, the other one won’t.

Make like five or six of them, don’t worry about the storage on your phone. You can delete the bad ones later. This will also save you a lot of time because you won’t have to go back and forth looking at the pics and recreating them in a different pose or with your eyes open this time.

Remember to Turn on the Flash or Night Mode to Get the Best Shots of the Nightlife for Your Social Media

While some people blatantly discredit the use of flash and the night mode when taking pictures, we strongly urge you to. You need some light. How else are you supposed to take pics of the crazy nightlife and fun parties you’ll be going to? It’s what Mykonos is known for! So don’t be embarrassed to turn on the flash and night mode to take a few pics of your fun night.

You need something to post on your social media other than the videos of your Mykonos villa with a private pool, the typical touristy Instagram spots, and your Mykonos yacht rental. Even if they end up blurry or lacking light, it’s a memory you will cherish (plus, you can always edit them to add some light). If you want more tips on how to take great photos at night, watch this video.

Always Shoot From a Low Angle and Use a Timer if You Have to

The reason why you don’t like most of your pics sometimes is that you shoot the subject from the wrong angle. Pro tip: never hold your phone at chest height when taking pictures. Even though it seems like the logical thing to do, it isn’t. Place your phone lower, and sit on the ground if necessary. This perspective will make your subject and pictures appear more professional. If you’re taking some group photos, set the phone on the ground and set a timer.

Where to Go to Take the Best Photos?

The truth is, it doesn’t matter where you stay in Mykonos. You will always be surrounded by gorgeous views and a subject for photography. You know what they say – a photo is beautiful because of the model, not the photographer? It’s true, you can’t take a bad photo in Mykonos – it’s that beautiful.

That being said, you should absolutely find a car rental, get away from the Mykonos luxury villas and explore the island. Take a trip to Chora (Mykonos town). You can always ask your Mykonos concierge for advice on where to go. There is always a place or subject that’s made to have its picture taken.

Greek food

Take pictures of Greek food with the portrait mode

The 2 Most Important Tips: Put Your Phone on Silent Mode and Have Fun

We all know that memories and photography are very important and that you need some pictures, videos, and souvenirs to remind yourself of your favorite trip in a few years. However, it’s much more important for your eyes to capture everything than your camera.

So remind yourself to put your phone away from time to time, allow yourself to be present in the moment, and enjoy your stay when you visit Mykonos. Also, if you want one of the best private villas in Mykonos, contact The Ace VIP, and you will have the most picturesque Mykonos villas for rental to choose from.